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Stephen Orton, Driver #22 Rotax Masters 2015 Championship Standings
Peter Magee, Driver #61 Rotax Masters 2013 Championship Standings
Peter Sammon, Driver #26 Rotax Masters 2012 Championship Standings
Driver Progression Rotax Masters 2011 Championship Standings

Braking News


  • 2019/06/09 Orton finally reaches the Podium!
    P3 for now, but he's climbing the steps.
    With Peter Sammon in Montreal for his final weekend assisting the Williams F1 team, it was up to Orton to bring glory upon the DHRT team, and he did it in fine fashion.
    Practice went extremely well, with Orton tucked in behind perennial leader Dave Cameron's bumper, and finished just a few 1/100's behind in a solid third place.
    Qualifying started well, with his hot lap looking like it was a contender for pole. But over-exuberance on the penultimate corner put him into a huge spin, and almost collected the group that was following him. He managed to stay out of trouble, but was in the midst of a large group of slower drivers, and couldn't find the space necessary to put in another fast lap. He qualified 5th, but the potential for a front row start was definitely showing. Murray Hanna, who had set a blistering practice lap, grabbed pole in front of Dave Cameron, Denny Simon & Dennis Bauer.
    The PreFinal found Orton mixing it up with his nemesis, Dennis Bauer who started P4, for the first few laps, until Bauer withered under the pressure Orton was putting on him. With Bauer finding the grass in the Three Stooges, as well as his chain, Orton attempted to chase down the 3 drivers in front of him, although he was unable to challenge them.
    The Final started off with a few bumps & bruises as Denny Simon put his kart inside of Dave Cameron on the first hairpin. He went wide on the exit, and ended up bumping into Cameron, before slithering off the track and having to retire. Alan Haggerty, 2017 & 2018's class champion went inside of Orton on the first hairpin, and managed to take his position. He then put a pass on Cameron to momentarily grab P2, before Cameron took the position back. Orton hounded Haggerty for the next lap, before getting by him into the hairpin. Orton hung onto P3 for a lap, before Haggerty stole it back when Orton went wide at the hairpin. By this time, Hanna was running away from everyone at the front of the pack. Orton continued to stick to Haggerty's bumper, but Cameron had now opened up a gap on the both of them. Orton put in a brave move in the final corner, but couldn't hold it. However coming out of the corner, Orton had the speed, and overtook Haggerty at the hairpin, and kept the youngster behind him, opening up a gap that would continue to grow. By this time, the top 4 drivers were spaced out, and none could close the gap. Murray Hanna finished with his very first victory; a fine display on a day where he never let anyone get in front of him. Dave Cameron, drove his normal flawless race and finished in P2. Stephen Orton followed him in P3, with his first podium in the Brigg's class, and his first podium since suffering his eye injury in 2015.  
  • 2019/05/25 & 2019/05/26 Orton's speed amazes the Briggs Master's field at the Alberta Shootout!
    Although a podium wasn't in the cards, Orton has served notice!
    The Alberta Shootout was the first race for 2019, after inclement weather postponed the first race of the year. Steve Orton started off slowly, and then just got faster all weekend long. He qualified 10th out of 21 drivers on Saturday. In the PreFinal, he moved up 4 positions and finished 6th, setting the stage for a dramatic Final. In the Final, Orton had incredible speed on the opening lap, jumping up to 4th at the first hairpin. Unfortunately, a bump from behind put him directly in the path of Marcus Kottmann, who hit his rear wheel and launched him over another kart. Orton's axle was badly bent in the incident, and he had to settle with charging from the back of the field, moving up 10 positions to finish 11. Unfortunately, he took] a penalty for contact, and was dropped back one spot to finish 12th.

    After a rushed axle swap in the morning, Orton was ready to get right back at it. A spirited qualifying session put him in 8th position, half a second off pole position.
    The start to the PreFinal was an epic event. Dave Cameron, who had grabbed pole with an incredible from Orton, chose to start on the outside, as he had 3 CKRC drivers lined up directly behind him. As they crossed the start line, the 4 drivers were lined up nose to tail, and the push from the drivers allowed all 4 of them to jump the field. It was beyond textbook!
    Orton maintained 4th for the first 3 laps before congestion at the hairpin caused him to lose a few positions. He fought back up to 4th, before settling for 7th.
    In the Final, he jumped one position at the start, and then grabbed 5th on lap 3, and never relinquished it, keeping the defending club champion, Alan Haggerty 3 seconds behind. It was an impressive run, and catapults Orton into contention for the club championship.  

  • 2019 The Boys are back in town!
    Where'd they go, what were they up to?!?!?
    Many had thought this ever dominant team had stumbled, but that is the furthest thing from the truth! Both drivers were active in the CKRC, racing both Briggs and Rotax classes for the past 2 years, leaving little time to document their successes & adventures. But 2019 is a new year, and both drivers have differing agendas.
    Steve Orton, a dominant driver in both Briggs & Rotax, has decided to focus solely on the Briggs Heavy class.
    Peter Sammon, the iron man, will race all eligible classes, now that he's come to terms with his Shifter. He's also consulting for the Williams F1 team this year, as his absence has negatively affected the gloried F1 team over the past 2 years. He won't be returning to Calgary until after the Canadian Grand Prix wraps up in early June.


  • 2016/09/10 & 11 - Orton is in the zone and lowers the lap record!
    While Peter Sammon sets the shifter world on fire!
    The Final 2 races of the season, (part of the Alberta Challenge) saw Stephen Orton taking back the team lap record, while Peter Sammon was showing his amazing driving talents racing his Tony Shifter kart for the first time this season. With 19 competitors in the race, the drivers were hoping to make it into the top 10, however it was only Orton that could accomplish it, by taking a hard-fought 10th place from Peter Sammon.
    Sunday's race was a mixed-weather special, as it rained off and on throughout the day, making tire choice a difficult task. With both drivers choosing rain tires, as the rain was pouring down, they were set to fight. But a blue sky in the distance convinced all but one other driver to switch back to slicks. The DHRT boys were hoping for rain as they lined up on the grid, but there was none coming anytime soon! Even so, they managed to gain a few positions with Orton finishing 8th and Sammon 9th. Their tires didn't fare as well, as they were toast by the end of the race.
  • 2016/08/14 - Orton finally finds his Mojo...and a new wiring harness!
    And Peter Sammon lowers the lap record again!
    Peter Sammon continues to improve and lower the team's lap records every time out. Stephen Orton, on the other hand, hasn't been in his kart for a month, and the kart was still not running properly on race day. After changing out his fuel, fuel filter and fuel pump, Orton was still unable to get his kart around the track once before the engine would cut out. Sammon was suffering no such issues, and cruised through practice, setting impressive lap times
    Prior to Qualifying, Orton continued to change engine parts, hoping to get his kart to make it around the track once. The ignition coil, and electronics box were next changed, but come Qualifying, Orton made it to the first hairpin before his engine cut out. While Peter Sammon was setting a new team lap record with a 57.276 lap, Orton was setting a record of another kind - the slowest qualifying lap ever in the history of Rotax Masters racing. A 2:01:113 was the best he could do, coaxing his ailing kart around the track, continually having to restart his engine.
    During the lunch break, a new carb and a new battery were installed. Once again, the kart died going into the very first corner. This time it would not restart. Everything had been replaced, with the exception of the engine block and the wiring harness. Overdrive's master mechanic Jessie, ripped off the wiring harness and installed a new one in record time, allowing Orton to put his kart at the back of the grid for the afternoon's Pre-Final race.
    With no real expectations of actually getting a complete lap in, Orton found himself successfully completing the warm-up lap, and took the chequered flag, in absolute dead last place. But his kart continued to run, and Orton slowly worked his way up from 13th to 10th, and found himself immediately behind team-mate Peter Sammon as the race ended.
    At the start of the Final, Orton got the jump on Sammon, and worked his way up to 7th place, where he found the back end of Ray Lord. Unable to find a way past, Orton concentrated on keeping pace, and hoping for the opportunity to pass to present itself. That opportunity never came. But right behind him, Peter Sammon was sniffing Orton's exhaust pipe, waiting for any opportunity to jump his team-mate. That chance never presented itself either, but on the last lap, a mistake by Sammon cost him 8th spot as John Peters snuck by a steal a position.
    Stephen Orton finished 7th in a kart that actually wanted to run, and Peter Sammon finished 9th among the 13 competitors racing.
    At the sharp end of the grid, Josh Carter took the chequered flag, wrapping up his quest for the 2016 Rotax Masters championship. The team of Mario Gimenez & Lonnie Ganz took the remaining places on the podium.
  • 2016/07/10 - Record setting day for Team DHRT!
    Lap records fall, and Magee doesn't look rusty at all!
    Peter Magee returned to racing karts, and he didn't look like he missed a beat, but he couldn't match the numbers that both Stephen Orton and Peter Sammon were putting up on the boards. Sammon was just 8/1000th of a second faster than Orton, and claimed the team's new lap record with a sizzling 57.703 lap in the Final!
    All the boys were running close today, and in the Final Peter Sammon finished 7th, with Magee just a few meters behind, and Orton stuck on Magee's bumper. At the front end of the grid Josh Carter ran away from everyone and cruised to victory without any real challengers.
    It's taken awhile for the team drivers to get on pace this year, but the guys at the front of the grid were nervously looking behind as the DHRT brigade closed the gap to them today. The team principals want to thank Coach Haggerty for being so instrumental in the drivers continued growth & development.
  • 2016/07/07 - Peter Magee makes his return to racing karts!
    After thoroughly dominating the Panama F3 series.
    Peter Magee returns to karting this weekend after spending the winter in Panama where he didn't lose a single race that he entered. After dominating the race tracks in Central America, the team principals are looking forward to seeing what he can do on the kart track. Magee, who became a local racing hero in Panama and was knicknamed Pedro by his loving fans, has his sites set high and aims to show his teammates how it's done.
    However, both Stephen Orton & Peter Sammon have been showing amazing speed of late, thanks in large part to the efforts done working with Coach Alan Haggerty. If the track is dry this weekend, the team lap record will get crushed.
  • 2016/06/19 - Stephen Orton is slowly regaining his form!
    While Peter Sammon was swimming against the current all day.
    Recovering from a debilitating eye injury that almost cost him his racing career, Stephen Orton has been slow all season, but is now starting to round into form. Every session on track this weekend showed great improvement for Orton, who still has a way to go to catch up with the rest of the field. Peter Sammon had an off day, struggling to come to terms with the clockwise direction that the club will be running for the next few events.
    Sammon got the jump on Orton in qualifying, waiting for the final lap to jump his teammate. Meanwhile at the pointy end of the grid, Brendon Sanguinetti scored his very first pole position, eclipsing the best that Josh Carter could do, by over 2/10's of a second, in a truly amazing show of speed.
    In the Pre-Final, Sanguinetti led the pack to the starting line, but lost out heading into the first corner. Rookie sensation Reinaldo Varela got the jump on the DHRT boys, and went about chasing the fast 4 at the front of the grid, opening a gap to Peter Sammon, who subsequently opened a gap to Stephen Orton. Orton soon closed the gap, and was riding Sammon's tail tyring to find a way past, as Varela scampered off into the distance. Orton was unable to capitalize on any of Sammon's mistakes, and followed him across the finish line. At the front Carter lead Sanguinetti across the finish line, separated by less than a second. However review of the start indicated that Josh Carter jumped the start and was penalized, giving Brendon Sanguinetti his very first racing victory.
    Th Final had shaped up to be a great affair, with Sanguinetti looking for a sweep and putting himself on the top step of the podium. However it was not to be as he went wide into one of the opening corners, and Carter snuck through the inside, and there was nothing that could be done. The 2 drivers drove off into the distance leaving the remainder of the field in there dust. Meanwhile Orton managed to jump Sammon into turn 5, and proceeded to put some distance between himself and his teammate. Sammon had nothing in his bag of tricks, and had to watch Orton disappear up the road. Orton managed to keep Varela in site, but could not close the gap, and raced home to a fine 6th place finish, while Sammon finished 7th.
  • 2016/05/29 - Peter Sammon rejoins Team DHRT for Race #4!
    Last race before Orton upgrades to his Kosmic Kart.
    Peter Sammon joined the team for the 4th race of the season, and immediately got up to speed, while Stephen Orton was making adjustments to his evil handling kart in an attempt to get his ass-end back under control, which has not been an easy task!
    Qualifying went smoothly with Sammon qualifying 7th and Orton qualifying 9th tied with an identical time to Reinaldo Varela, down to 1/1000th of a second!
    In the Pre-Final, Orton set his fastest time of the year with a sizzling 58.779, but was nowhere close to his teammate Sammon who finished a fine 6th.
    The Final was an interesting affair, as Ray Lord who should have started in 7th, lined up on the wrong side of the track. Entering into the first corner, with 3 karts abreast, Lord touched Peter Sammon, who was sandwiched between Lord and Reinaldo Varela. Something had to give, and it was Ray Lord that took the brunt of the crash, spinning a couple of times before departing the track and ending up pointing the correct way, but having completely avoided the hairpin. He got restarted, but lost it towards the end of the lap, crashing backwards through the tire-barrier on the final corner. After the antics had subsided, Orton was on Sammon's tail with Varela just ahead. The 3 drivers would stay close together for the next 2 laps, until a momentary lapse of reason caught Reinaldo out and he left the track going into the first corner at full throttle. Sammon & Orton sailed through the ensuing dust storm. At the front, it was another tight battle between Josh Carter, Lonnie Ganz, Mario Gimenez and Brendon Snaguinetti wh0 had started dead last. It stayed this way for a number of laps until Mario tried to put a move on Josh at the 3 Stooges, but misjudged it and went off track. When he came back on, he took out his teammate Lonnie, leaving Brendon to fight it out with Carter. Unfortunatly Brendon could find no way past, and settled for a fine 2nd place finish with Dan Peet finishing in 3rd. Mario was now in a battle with Peter Sammon for 4th, while Orton had a great first-hand view of the action. In the end Mario finished 4th, Sammon finished 5th and Orton finished 6th. After extracting his kart from the weeds Varela made his way back on track and finished a lap down, but still in a fine 7th place.
  • 2016/05/28 - DHRT drivers leave Orton to showcase the team!
    Penultimate race for Orton's Evil Kart.
    With Peter Magee holding out for a substantial raise after last year's phenomenol season, and Peter Sammon absent for family reasons, it was up to Stephen Orton to show the packed grandstands what the DHRT team is capable of at this 3rd race of the year.
    It's been a long road back for Orton, but he's been showing improvement every time out, and today was no different. Qualifying was held under perfectly blue skies, with the temperature hovering around 11 degress Celcius. Orton started off strongly with a 59.08 second qualifying lap which put him in 6th on the grid.
    In the Pre-Final, Orton ran a quiet race, maintained position and finished 6th, but his tires were going off after 5 laps, with the rear end stepping out on each corner. At the front, it was a tight battle between Mario Gimenez & Josh Carter, with Mario taking the win after a number of skirmishes through the 3-Stooges complex.
    The Final went the same way with Gimenez & Carter fighting lap after lap, with Gimenez edging Carter out again. Brendon Sanguinetti finished a fine 3rd. Orton's day continued to slide. Once again he lost any form of grip after 5 laps, and being hounded by rookie sensation Reinaldo Varela, could not hold onto 6th, and had to follow Varela home in 7th place.
  • 2016/04/24 - First race of 2016 shows Team DHRT are ready to challenge for Rotax Masters supremacy!
    And Coach Haggerty's effort show remarkable results.
    The first race of the year took place in frigidly cold weather conditions, but it couldn't keep the hearty members of the Calgary Kart Racing Club from getting out and showing their stuff. First indications of Coach Alan Haggerty's coaching prowess showed strongly as Peter Sammon, in his new Tony kart, took half a second off of his personal best on a day when no records were expected to be touched. Team-mate Stephen Orton, who didn't have a chance to work with Alan due to numerous wiring harness failures did not fair nearly as well, as he couldn't get within 1.5 seconds of his personal best.
    In the Pre-Final both drivers took advantage of the conditions and motored their way to 4th for Sammon, and 5th for Orton. At the front of the pack, Josh Carter & Mario Gimenez were engaged in battle, with Mario forcing his way around the 3 Stooges complex, before romping home for the Pre-Final victory.
    In the Final Carter got the jump on Gimenez at the start and motored ahead. Both Orton & Sammon lost 1 spot on the start, and were unable to recover their positions. Meanwhile Gimenez was trying to find a way past Carter, and finally succeeded by pushing his way through in the 3 Stooges section on the 4th lap. Brendon Sanguinetti was hanging right behind the leaders looking for a place to pounce, but the opportunity never presented itself. Instead he got caught up on the final lap attempting to lap a backmarker, and Dan Peet took advantage, storming home to 3rd with Sanguinetti right on his tail. Carter didn't have an answer for Gimenez and had to settle for 2nd. Peter Sammon crossed the finish line in 5th, while Stephen Orton came home in a distant 6th, with sensational newcomer Reinaldo Varela coming home with a fine 7th place finish in his very first race with the CKRC.
    It appears that we're set for a facinating year of racing in the Rotax Masters class, and the expectations are high for many DHRT podiums with the help of their sensational young driving coach.
  • 2016/03/02 - Contract with Coach Alan Haggerty finally signed today!
    While Peter Sammon is in Japan testing his new Tony kart.
    After months of strenuous negotiations, DHRT finally got the contract signed with Alan Haggerty for 2016. Rumours were rampant that fromer F1 driver Rubens Barrichello might step in as team coach, but DHRT team principals stuck to their guns and finally got Alan's name on the contract. It's not sure what kept this from happening earlier, but all sides are happy that the team has finally inked the greatest Masters driving coach on the planet. Apparently the contract includes incredible incentives based on driver performance, and the rumour regarding a certain BMW M3 keeps resurfacing.
    Racing pundits are quite excited to see how Alan takes this motley group of drivers, and turns them into the greatest thing the Rotax Masters class has ever seen. Team principals have been busy ever since the ink dried, clearing space at the team headquarters for the impending explosion of trophies.
    Now we just have to wait for the first race of the season to see what kind of magic Alan can bring to the team.
  • 2016/01/05 - Santa brings presents for Orton & Sammon
    While Magee is in Panama with his new supermodel girlfriend!
    It was an interesting Christmas break, with all drivers going in their own directions this off-season.
    Peter Sammon woke up bright and early Christmas morning to find a brand new experimental Tony kart sitting under his Christmas tree. It was a present from the Williams F1 team as thanks for all the development work he's performed on Williams' new 2016 challenger. Expect to see this car frequently on the podium in 2016 thanks to Sammon's immense skill as a development ace.
    On New Years day Stephen Orton found himself in possession of a new race simulator, thanks to the generosity of Ron Dennis of McLaren F1. The simulator was used in 2015 by Jenson Button, and Orton has already matched Button's times at numerous F1 circuits.
    Peter Magee may be resting on his laurels, but he's definitely resting on his backside on the fine beaches of Panama. Team principals are not sure what to expect from Magee when he eventually returns, but from photos taken of him and his supermodel girlfriend, it appears nothing will be able to wipe the smile from his face.


  • 2015/11/05 - Peter Magee claims 3rd place in the Rotax Masters Championship
    Fourth year racing is the charm for young Mr. Magee!
    Peter Magee was the class of the DHRT team in 2015, and proved it by placing 3rd in the ultra-competitive Rotax Masters Championship. With 30 drivers fighting for points this year, the proof that Magee had found his mojo was obvious to all. Consistently fighting for podiums all season long put him in a perfect place to fight for the championship. So consistent was his driving, he competed in every race this year, and completed every lap but two! And those 2 laps were lost due to running slicks in a very wet race.
    Peter Sammon had an excellent year, finishing 6th in the club championship. Stephen Orton only raced in a handful of races this year, but still managed to claim 10th spot. It was a good year for Team DHRT, and an awesome one for Peter Magee! The target is now firmly planted on his back, and both his teammates have him in the cross-hairs.
  • 2015/10/05 - Alan Haggerty named 2016 driver coach.
    If you can beat them, you might as well teach them!
    Team DHRT formally announced today that Alan Haggerty, who dominated the Masters class this year, as their new team driving coach. When asked why he would take on such a daunting task, Alan responded by saying "I'm going to prove that you can teach a couple of old dogs some new tricks!". The team is excited in taking advantage of young Mr. Haggerty's driving knowledge. The cost for this new acquistion is still uncertain, but it is known that it will not be cheap. It's rumoured that Alan saw the big Budweiser sign in the DHRT team trailer, and immediately made his decision on the spot.
  • 2015/10/04 - Should we be racing snowmobiles or Karts?!?!
    When you can see your breath before qualifying, you know it's going to be a long day!
    When the team arrived at their trailer in the morning before the race, the temperature showed a balmy 1 degree Celcius. A different approach was going to be needed today to keep the DHRTy boys at the front of the grid. Each of the drivers spun during warm-up, with Peter Sammon doing the most pirouttes. The DHRT drivers seemed to be suffering more than other teams though qualifying, as only Peter Magee could break into the 58 second range. Magee lined up in 8th with Peter Sammon, and then Stephen Orton lined up immediately behind.
    The Pre Final got off to an interesting start with Nigel Baines spinning on the warm-up lap, and then on the opening lap. The rest of the field remained pointing in the proper direction with Mario Gimenez taking the win, followed by Josh Carter & Brian Taylor. Further back it was Peter Magee, followed by Peter Sammon, Stephen Orton and Phil Haggerty. Interestingly, Magee had the slowest time of the 4, but managed to finish ahead of his teammates.
    Peter Sammon's 57.995 lap was the first of the boys to break the 58 second lap wall, and his name will now be forever etched into the team history.
    In the Final, it was Orton's turn to spin off in the warmup lap. He made his way back into position for the start of the race but could not keep up to his teammates who had the edge on him today. It was pretty quiet for the boys, until Orton lost it in the esses, crashing hard backwards into the tire barrier. At the front of the grid, Mario Gimenez went wide into the hairpin, allowing Josh Carter to get by. On the subsequent lap, Nigel Baines took the same line as Carter, and snuck by Mario, who consequently spun and was now amidst the DHRT team. Peter Magee put in some of his best laps of the year, and broke into the 57 second lap times, setting the new team record, that Peter Sammon had held on to for all of 1 hour.
  • 2015/10/04 - A special thanks to Dan Frederickson, karting's greatest photographer.
    Like Bernard Cahier before him, Frederickson captures the speed of racing!
    Team DHRT wants to give a special shout-out to Dan Frederickson for all his awesome pictures of the team this year. His art is adorning the team's factory walls in Calgary. Thanks again Dan!
  • 2015/09/29 - Stephen Orton gets Evo upgrade for his DHRT kart.
    The last driver on the planet with the old-school Rotax finally gets his upgrade!
    Orton is the last driver in the DHRT team to get the latest and greatest Evo upgrade for the final race of the 2015 season. Although it was thought that he'd finish the 2015 season with his 2013 spec engine, the team has announced that they can't hold him back any longer, and that the upgrade kit should put him in a position to fight for pole position this weekend. In his first runs with the Evo kit and bald front tires, he easily improved his personal best lap times and is obviously now in a position to challenge the best of the Masters drivers.
  • 2015/09/26 - Peter Sammon released as Team Lotus development driver!
    Renault purchase of Lotus leaves Sammon in the Williams garage?!?!
    With Renault purchasing the Lotus team, both lead driver Romain Grosjean and ace development driver Peter Sammon have been told to look for employment elsewhere. Grosjean quickly jumped to the new Haas F1 team, while Sammon was being courted by Frank Williams of the Williams F1 team. Although seen throughout the Japanese Grand Prix weekend in the Williams garage wearing Williams attire, Peter Sammon is keeping quiet on his F1 future. Ron Dennis was seen numerous times speaking with Sammon, and it is well known that McLaren badly need help in the development area. Peter Sammon's skill could well make the difference for either team, but nothing will be announced until later this year as Sammon has returned to Calgary to race with DHRT in the CKRC's final race of the year.
  • 2015/09/20 - The boys are back on track for the 2nd day of the double-header weekend - Race #11!
    The DHRT team are looking for a podium today.
    The day dawned cooler than normal, with clouds covering the skies, but not threatening to rain. In qualifying Stephen Orton was only a tenth off of Peter Magee's best time, and lined up immediately behind him in 6th place.
    The Pre-Final got off to an auspicious start, with Josh Carter having pole position, and Alan Haggerty lined up in P2. Unfortunately things went wrong on the opening lap in Turn 6 when Brendon Sanguinetti's kart slid below Carter's kart and caused both drivers to spin and blocking off a good chunk of the track. Peter Magee slipped through on the inside, and wasn't phased by the carnage on the track. Stephen Orton wasn't so lucky, as he was on the outside, and had absolutely no place to go with both karts blocking his way. To avoid hitting the karts that were sprawled across the corner, he decided to do a little off-roading to get around the karts. By the time he regained the track, the drivers in front of him had driven off into the sunset. He attempted to chase after Magee, and although he bettered his lap times, couldn't get anywhere close to his teammate. When the chequered flag flew, Magee came home in 4th place, with Orton finishing in 5th place.
    The Final got off smoothly, without any issue, however the DHRT drivers could not keep pace with Ray Lord, but they circled the track for the majority of the race with Orton's front bumper right up on Magee's rear bumper, forcing Magee to drive some of his best laps of the year, and setting a new team lap record of 58.131 seconds to finish in 5th place.
    At the front, Josh Carter caught Alan Haggerty at the hairpin with 2 laps to go and drove away from him to take the victory.
  • 2015/09/19 - Stephen Orton finally returns to the track for Race #10!
    But Peter Magee is still the top dog in the DHRT team.
    Orton made his return to racing today, and only appeared to have lost a small step or two. With Peter Sammon off in Europe moonlighting as Lotus F1's development driver, it was up to Orton & Magee to show the way for the McSweeney's DHRT team. In qualifying, Orton was a full second off of Magee's time, but still qualified 7th to Magee's 6th place starting position. At the pointy end of the grid, it was Alan Haggerty taking pole postion, with Josh Carter nibbling at his heels
    The Pre-Final started smoothly without any issues, with Peter Magee trying to keep pace with Ray Lord, who he's in a ferocious battle with for the club championship. As hard as he tried, Orton couldn't keep pace with the 2 drivers ahead of him, and just settled on driving smooth, consistent laps, continually improving his lap times, and finishing where he started, in 7th place. Magee couldn't get close enough on Lord to attempt a pass, and came home in 6th.
    The Final wasn't much different, but Peter Magee was glued to Ray's bumper but couldn't force Lord into an error, and had to follow him home in 6th place again. Orton finally made it into the 58 second range, and his best lap was only 6/10ths off of Magee's best, so the team principals were very happy with his progress.
    At the front of the grid it was Alan Haggerty leading Josh Carter across the finish line after a very close race.
  • 2015/09/06 - Race 9 is a soggy mess, in so many ways!
    Peter Sammon is the top DHRT driver, showing off his rain-meister skills.
    Even though the grid was smaller today due to the inclement weather, the top Rotax Masters drivers took their places on the grid for the Final. Rain had been falling throughout most of the day, but it looked to be clearing and a dry line was starting to show. All Masters drivers chose to go out in their wets, except for Peter Magee & Josh Carter who were hoping for the track to continue to dry. At the sharp end of the grid were Alan Haggerty & Kevin Canning, who moved up from the Senior class to race with the Masters.
    As the karts rolled onto the track, the skies opened up and the rain came pouring down. And that was the end for both Magee and Carter, as they watched their competitors disappear into the distance, while they performed their best off-track pirouettes digging up the muck.
    As each lap passed, Kevin Canning continued to push Haggerty harder and harder, until he found a way through, leading the final few laps and taking victory. Meanwhile, Peter Sammon was involved in a fight for the final podium spot and looked formidable in the wet, finishing just inches away from claiming 3rd place.
    Immediately after the race, Sammon received a call from Lotus F1 to go back to Europe to assist in further development, as the team took a step back at the Italian Grand Prix after he helped them so much developing the car for the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa 2 weeks earlier. He'll join the team for the Japanese Grand Prix, and there are rumours floating around that they may give him a seat, as Pastor Maldonado is on the bubble at Lotus.
  • 2015/09/05 - Peter Magee is the top driver in the Rotax Masters class!
    Consistency and his eye for the podium leaves all other Masters drivers looking at his bumper.
    Not since 2012 have the DHRT drivers so dominantly owned the Rotax Masters class!
    After 8 races, Peter Magee is the clear leader in this ultra-competitive class, with the remainder of the grid looking on. Although he hasn't won a race this year, his smooth driving style combined with his uncanny consistency have placed him head and shoulders about his competitors.
    By consistently showing up for every race, Magee moves further & further ahead of his rivals, and like Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes F1 car, looks to be unbeatable this year.
    So convincing have his drives been, that PaddyPower is no longer posting his odds, nor taking any bets.
  • 2015/09/02 - Orton cleared by team doctors to drive again!
    And the Rotax Masters grid is shaking in their racing boots!!!
    Stephen Orton, the former one-eyed Rotax Masters driver has been cleared by team doctors to race again. Now enjoying full visual acuity, Orton plans on participating in a few Test & Tune sessions before he returns to racing. Team principals are extremely excited about finally having the full team back together for the final few races of the year. The other Rotax Masters drivers now have one more thing to worry about.
  • 2015/08/30 - What ever happened to Ashley Hughes?!?!?!
    Former Rotax Masters stud has gone AWOL!!!
    Many have wondered what ever happened to the driver that dominated the 2013 Rotax Masters season. After selling his kart to the DHRT team, the chatty Englishman seems to have disappeared. There are many rumours about his whereabouts, but DHRT principals have finally given some insight. When he was unable to reach a deal for 2015 with Team DHRT, Hughes packed his bags, pulled on some short white shorts, picked up a tennis racket and began firing volleys at anyone that dared to return them.
    Although he is not making any impact on the professional tennis tour, there is talk that he is still contemplating a return to racing if the stars line up. However, his future is still clouded in mystery.
  • 2015/08/23 - Race 8 brings DHRT drivers home!
    But Europe might have messed up their metabolism!!!
    The DHRT team was back in action today, with all drivers at the track. Peter Magee and Peter Sammon were dressed to destroy the Rotax Masters field, while Stephen Orton was wandering the pits bumping into old friends.
    It was a tough morning for the Peters, as they both had a number of off's trying to reaclimatize themselves. Qualifying didn't go much better as they found themselves parked in 7th & 8th, struggling to put their karts near the front where they so rightly belong. As the Pre-Final started, Alan Haggerty jumped into the lead, followed by Mario Gimenez and Josh Carter. Magee lead Sammon, followed by Iain McVean. McVean and the 2 DHRT drivers fought hard for position, until the unrelenting pace of the DHRT drivers caused the Scotsman to spin in his kilt. Magee opened a bit of a gap on Sammon, but lost it coming onto the front straight, and slammed into the tire barriers protecting pit entry. He crawled back onto the track, but Sammon had now opened up a lead that could never be recovered. Josh Carter went on to take the victory, as Haggerty struggled to keep up to him. It was later discovered that Alan's RAVE valve was inoperable, killing his top end.
    In the Final, it was Carter and Haggerty fighting it out for top spot, with Magee & Sammon struggling at the back. With the crowds yelling "Peter, Peter, Peter" for Peter Sammon as he came to the front straight, he tried taking the turn without lifting. Very quickly he determined that this probably wasn't a good idea, and spun his kart backwards into the tire barrier, sending 2 stacks airborn and causing a hush among the crowd. Due to his superior physical conditioning, he only dented his rear bumper and not his ego or body. Since his engine was still running, he got back on track, but even with binoculars, could not see Magee, far in the distance. Peter Magee came home in 8th place, while Peter Sammon claimed 9th.
    Another fine drive by Josh Carter gave him the top spot on the podium for the second race in a row, with Alan Haggerty finishing second, and Mario Gimenez finishing a fine 3rd.
  • 2015/07/27 - DHRT drivers depart for Europe!
    While Orton is lying face down in recovery!!!
    With the Formula 1 season starting it's summer break; both Peter Sammon & Peter Magee are in Europe. Sammon is back with Lotus working on upgrades for the 2015 season, as the team has found that his feedback far exceeds what they've been getting from their regular drivers. These changes will be seen at Spa in late August when the Formula 1 circus resumes. When asked by the media why Sammon isn't currently driving for the team, the Lotus team principal responded by saying, "that although Peter Sammon is the best development driver available anywhere, his race craft still requires work, and that the team is waiting for him to mature, before being signed to an F1 contract."
    Meanwhile Peter Magee is in Monaco, slumming with the rich & famous aboard their yachts. He's being heavily recruited by the new Haas F1 team, but his contractual obligations to DHRT may prove difficult to work around.
  • 2015/07/16 - DHRT is eyeing a replacement for Orton!
    The search has found a donor; species unknown!!!
    Team DHRT driver Stephen Orton underwent surgery this morning to remove his bionic eye and replace it with a real eye. The donor eye was found on the side of the road, and appears to be a perfect match for Orton. Although the donor's species is currently unkown, doctors feel optimistic that this will allow Orton to race in the future. Unfortunately, it could be months before vision is returned to normal.
    The bionic eye has since been sold locally to the owner of a Husky that lost it's eye the previous week.
  • 2015/07/01 - Stephen Orton's Super License has been revoked!
    One bionic eye is one too many for race organizers
    After witnessing the display of Orton's incredible race pace on the previous weekend, race organizers have revoked Orton's license, feeling that the obvious advantage that his bionic eye has given him, is not fair to his fellow Masters competitors. When pressed further, officials declared that it would be like pitting a fit 15 year old against a senior citizen confined to a wheelchair. There was no way they were going to let such an unfair advantage destroy the close racing that has been a long time trademark of the Rotax Masters class.
    The DHRT medical team is looking into other options and have been told that all drivers must use living organs and not take advantage of the latest medical advances to create an unfair advantage. They are now on the lookout for a spare blue eye.
    The team has now listed the bionic eye on Ebay, waiting to see what they can get for it.
  • 2015/06/28 - Peter Magee eyes another podium...
    But Peter Sammon has his own plan!
    Sunday arrived hot & sunny, with a wind blowing from the east. Peter Magee was anxious to climb the podium once again, while Peter Sammon was keen on getting the upper hand on his teammate, while Stephen Orton was just hoping he didn't have to start from the back of the grid in each of the races again. Practice was uneventful, with Peter Sammon eclipsing his closest teammate by over 1/2 a second, looking like he could be the dominant DHRT driver today.
    Qualifying - With the Rotax Masters the last group to qualify, it was after 12:00 before the drivers got on course. Stephen Orton put in 2 qualifying laps, before leaving the track in record time to grab some lunch before the marshals. It was his first laps under the magical 1 minute mark.
    Peter Magee put in a quick 58.739 second lap and claimed P13, while Peter Sammon was lighting up the timing charts with a blazing 58.426 lap time which put him in 10th place. Orton's hasty exit put him in P17, last place again!.
    Pre-Final - The race started smoothly with drivers making it past the hairpin without any incident. However, the same cannot be said of the 3 Stooges hairpin, where a gaggle of Edmonton drivers became tangles up in the corner. Peter Sammon who had been in the mix at the time, had no where to go, and planted his nose in one of their side pods. Both Orton & Magee found their way through the carnage and continued on their way. Unfortunately for Peter Sammon, his steering rod was badly bent, and he had to retire from the proceedings. One kart separated Orton from Magee, but Orton didn't have it in himself to put on much of a challenge and the 2 DHRT drivers finished 11th and 13th, while Peter Sammon was classified 16th.
    The DHRT gathered around Sammon's kart and assisted in rebuilding it for the Final, hoping that it would at least be drivable.
    Final - Stephen Orton was once again assigned to the very last starting spot, as the course director had made the decision that he was holding back, and didn't want Mr Bionic-eye starting from the mid-field where it was assumed he could easily chase down Alan Haggerty and claim a relatively easy victory. So P17 it was for Orton, again...
    There was another collision entering the 3 Stooges at the start of the race, but this time it was just the Edmonton crew, and all the DHRT drivers escaped unscathed. It proved to be a somewhat uneventful race for the DHRT drivers, but Peter Sammon put in a smoking 58.315 second lap to set a new personal lap record, however it wasn't enough to get him ahead of Peter Magee. When the chequered flag finally flew, Peter Magee had claimed 10th place, Peter Sammon 11th place, and Stephen Orton was 12th.
    At the front, it was another easy victory for Old-man Haggerty, followed by Iain Macleod.
  • 2015/06/27 late - Stephen Orton now has the absolute fastest kart stand in the CKRC!!!
    Master Welder to the gods, Terry Fucile fixes the Orton kart stand!
    Things were looking scary for the Orton kart, when it's stand collapsed on the way to the Rotax Masters Final on Saturday. Fortunately for the DHRT team, the top welding specialist in the known universe was close by, and was persuaded to take on this immense project. Terry Fucile's specialized skills have long been known to the CKRC faithful, and would be required to get Orton's kart stand back in order before Sunday's races. It just so happened that Terry had some new material to work with that had been returned from the Mars orbiter that he desperately wanted to work with, and Orton's stand was the perfect project. And Terry was the right guy to do it!
    When a weary-eyed Fucile arrived back in the paddock on Sunday morning, Stephen Orton was anxiously awaiting his arrival. Terry had fixed the broken weld, but also used the Martian bitumenacarbonozide on the axles. From a distance of 300 meters, Terry gently pushed the kart stand towards Orton's pit, where it quickly gained speed, topping out at over 70 km/hr before crashing into the DHRT paddock.
    Fortunately the weld held, but the 2 sides are now in discussions about adding brakes to the kart stand.
  • 2015/06/27 - Lots of excitment & talk as all DHRT drivers are here to race in round 1 of the Alberta Challenge.
    Sweltering heat slows things down, but Magee is in love with his new redhead!
    With Stephen Orton returning with his new bionic eye, there were many questions surrounding him, and the impact it will have on his racing. So concerned were the race stewards, that they forced Orton to always start from the back of the grid, so as not to destroy the competition. Orton saw things differently, but could not persuade the organizers to change their ruling.
    Qualifying - It was Peter Magee that was flying, and he grabbed P4 with his best lap time ever; his redheaded Evo engine pushing him on. Peter Sammon was a ways back, qualifying in 9th place, while Stephen Orton's bionic advantage wasn't giving him any advantage at all, and he qualified 12th, but was pushed back to 17th.
    Pre-Final - It was a hectic start to the race with karts diving into the hairpin from all angles. Peter Magee made it though cleanly before the carnage began. Peter Sammon wasn't so lucky, and was collected by a number of the Edmonton contingent. Stephen Orton, starting from dead last, saw his way through the wreckage, and attempted to chase down the group in front of him, however he just didn't have the speed to make any progress. Sammon, once untangled from the hairpin disaster, began chasing down Orton, and passed him with a couple of laps left in the race. Meanwhile at the front, Magee had a fight on his hands and ended up losing 1 position to finish in an excellent 5th place. Sammon finished 11th, and Orton placed 13 among the 17 competitors.
    Final - The Final got off cleanly, until lap 2, when Josh Carter attempted an inside pass on the first of the 3 Stooges corners and attained liftoff and launched his kart, taking out a couple of competitors. Peter Sammon couldn't avoid the pile-up and got stuck in the midst of the group, while Stephen Orton avoided the kart debris and continued racing. With Iain Macleod losing his chain and 2nd place, Magee moved into 2nd when Ray Lords kart left the track. He valiantly hung onto the position until late in the race, when Ray put a clean pass on him to reclaim 2nd. Magee fought to put a pass back on him, but couldn't manage to get it to stick, and crossed the line in 3td place. Orton was cruising comfortably in 10th place, but with only a couple of corners left, slid off track giving 10th to Peter Sammon who'd been chasing Orton, but wasn't close enough to challenge. Sammon avoided Orton's kart, and appreciating the gift, drove home to 10th place. Meanwhile Orton got going again, and blindly crossed the line in 11th.
    It was a good haul for Team DHRT as other than Magee, the drivers didn't have a lot of track time under their belts.
    Later that evening, the DHRT team principal received a call from Ron Dennis of their McLaren partners, enquiring about the availability of Peter Magee to replace Fernando Alonso in the upcoming British Grand Prix. Legthy discussion were held about performing the driver swap, but the contentious issue of money came up, and the McLaren offer was several million dollars short of what was needed to release Magee from his DHRT obligations. The most disappointed person in the negotiations was Alonso, who had hoped to get back into a competitive racing machine. However, this issue may not be completely dead yet.
  • 2015/06/14 - Peter Sammon declared fit to race, and Stephen Orton looks forward to his first practice session!
    Miserable, cold weather makes for a trying day at the track
    It was great news that the team received when it was revealed that Peter Sammon was declared fit to race, and that Orton could participate in Test & Tunes to determine his visual acuity.
    Meanwhile, Peter Magee was continuing where he left off previously, working his way up the grid, and grabbing 4th place in the process in the Final. Peter Sammon didn't fair as well, and had to retire.
    He's shaping up to be the driver to beat, once Alan Haggerty becomes a senior citizen.
    However things weren't all roses for Peter Sammon, as he struggled to get comfortable as his shoulder injuries that hadn't completely healed yet. He was just happy racing, this time on 4 wheels
  • 2015/05/30 - First race of the year a great success for Peter Magee!
    While Orton has seen the light, and Sammon isn't lifting a finger.
    Peter Magee was the only driver to race the opening race on the brand new North Star Motorsports track.
    Peter Sammon is still deemed unfit & incompetent to get behind the wheel of a race machine, so it will be awhile before he gets back on track.
    Stephen Orton has recovered from his eye surgery, but the FIA want further tests performed to ensure his vision meets their lofty standards to ensure driver safety as well as making sure he hasn't received an unfair advantage from the new procedure.
    Peter Magee comfortably ran 5th all day, and stayed in that position throughout the Final. It was a great start to the season, where he expects to be competing for the club championship.
  • 2015/05/01 - The new North Star Motorsports Park in Strathmore will be ready for action at the end of the month!
    The DHRT boys have been trying to get their aging bodies ready for racing, however things haven't gone nearly as well as anticipated.
    Peter Magee is the only member of the team that has gone unscathed over the winter months, and after pounding nails & other things, is in his best shape in years.
    Peter Sammon spent the winter in New Zealand and Europe successfully racing in the Superbike World Championships. However, an accident at the very last race in Italy could very well compromise his season. While racing in Florence on his factory Vespa mount, he made an incredible pass for the lead, but was caught out by some loose gravel on the inside corner of the turn, where he and his race bike went plowing into the barriers. Medics were quickly on the scene and transported Sammon to the nearby hospital where his shoulder and hand could be treated. Not speaking the language, he could not tell how traumatic his injuries were, but his arm was put into a sling, while his right hand was wrapped in a kilogram of gauze. Cuts to his head were cleaned up as well. Still aching in pain as he left the hospital, the only words he could make out were shoulder, mano and dumbass! At least they got most of it right. His motorcycle racing career had concluded much sooner than he'd anticipated, and he was sent back to Canada on the first flight available, his contract with Vespa being torn up on the spot.
    Stephen Orton's winter was no better, as he'd lost vision in his right eye, and had to spend months bumping into things before finally having surgery on April 30, 2015 to replace his defective eye with a new state of the art bionic implant. The reprogramming is expected to take at least a month, then he will be examined to see if he is capable of resuming his racing career with Team DHRT. The prognosis at this time is a little blurry.


  • 2014/09/10 - The DHRT boys are anxiously awaiting their first race of the year!
    Orton and Magee are ready to dominate, while Sammon continues to race in Europe!
    While the new CKRC Pivot Field track in Strathmore waits for pavement, Orton & Magee are ready to race at this weekend's Cardel Exotic Car Show & Shine. The DHRT drivers are the heavy favourites to dominate the Masters class on the short street circuit this weekend, however the huge snowfall over the past 2 days has got a lot of teams worrying about their state of readiness.
    Whether racing slicks, rain tires or their one-of-a-kind snow tires, the boys are raring to go!
    Meanwhile in Europe, Peter Sammon is dominating the European Formula 3 series, and has been rumored to be replacing Jenson Button at McLaren for 2015. Sammon however is not letting the rumours affect his position at the front of the overly-competitive F3 series.
  • 2014/07/29 - DHRT karts have passed the 2014 FIA Impact tests!
    It's been a very quiet summer for the boys of DHRT as they anxiously await the build of the new CKRC track in Strathmore Alberta.
    With the pavement expected to be laid next week, the karts are all shiny and ready to go, having passed the crucial FIA testing earlier this month. It is still unknown whether Peter Sammon will be racing with DHRT in September, as his contractual committments to race in Europe, might not allow him to leave before the end of their race season.
    Meanwhile, Peter Magee & Stephen Orton are roaring to hit the track!
    The team's benevolent sponsor, McSweeney's Meat Snacks, has contributed heavily to the team once more, allowing them to purchase the race suit for Peter Magee, and kart decals for Peter Sammon. It's going to be a great looking year...
  • 2014/01/01 - DHRT Finally Announces their 2014 Driver Line-up!
    After tremendoulas specution, DHRT announce their 2014 driver line-up & the reasons for the choices.
    After a spectacular 2013 season, Peter Magee's signature was put to paper in October 2013, while the remaining DHRT drivers, Stephen Orton & Peter Sammon were left waiting. Widespread speculation had first year Masters superstar Ashley Hughes landing a position on the team. Seeing him seated with the DHRT team at the 2013 CKRC Banquet in November added more fuel to the rumours. Peter Sammon was still in the running for the remaining Lotus F1 seat at the time, however when it came right down to it, money out-weighed talent for the Lotus team, and Pastor Maldonado was chosen for his multi-million dollar financial package. With no competitive F1 seats available, Sammon resumed negotiations with the DHRT principals, but was told he'd have to wait until the end of 2013 before his future could be determined. As for Stephen Orton, the rumours that he was jumping to the new Fat-Boy Racing team gained strength as his girth continued to increase.
    After months of negotiations, speculation, and plenty of bribes, the DHRT team principals announced a surprise line-up that included both Peter Sammon and Stephen Orton joining Peter Magee. When questioned, the team principal defended the selections, pointing to Formula 1, where paid drivers are becoming the norm. "Both Orton & Sammon come with huge corporate financial backing, while Hughes having shown more talent in 2013, just couldn't find the quid to make a drive possible. Also, we are still not confident whether it was the driver or the machine that brought Hughes so much success in 2013.
    Now that we have acquired his all-dominating 2013 machine, we will know for sure!".
    When asked about being snuffed by DHRT, Ashley Hughes responded that he was still seeking additional financial backing that might allow him to race for DHRT in 2014, but that in the meantime he would return to Dinky Toy racing where he dominated as a child.


  • 2013/09/22 - Final race ever at Varsity Speed Park
    DHRT drivers battle to break into the 48 second range in the final club race of the year.
    All the DHRT drivers arrived in the paddocks early, in anticipation for the final race of the year, and the final club race at the venerable Varsity Speed Park. The goal on the day was to get at least 1 driver into the 48 second lap time.
    Qualifying looked promising as Peter Magee led the way with a smoking 49.258 second lap that put him 10th on the grid. Stephen Orton was just behind in 13th with a time of 49.538 seconds, while Peter Sammon was having trouble keeping his tail from wagging, and ended up in 16th place with a 49.905 second lap. At the very front sat lonely old Ashley Hughes in his regular postion, P1, which had been emblazoned with a 'Reserved for Ashley' sign by the members of Live Fast.
    The Pre-Final got off to a disasterous start, with a number of drivers spinning off onto the grass, while those behind had to avoid the carnage. All DHRT drivers got through it unscathed, but the deck of karts had certainly been shuffled. Peter Magee took advantage of the bungled start and drove his kart home in 6th place, while Stephen Orton was slowed at the start by the driver in front of him bogging down as they crossed the start line, but fought hard with Rob McFadyen of Team Live Fast. No matter what he tried, he could not find a way past, and finished in a fine 8th place. Peter Sammon brought his kart home in 13th, still struggling to keep his rear end in check.
    Peter Magee equalled his personal best lap time of 49.244 seconds, but couldn't break into the 48's. Things were looking extremely bright for the DHRT team, with 2 of their drivers starting in the top 10 for the first time in ages.
    The first attempted start of the Final was called off as a driver had jumped the start. On the restart, the top 2 Live Fast drivers got the jump on their DHRT rivals. Finally showing some speed for the first time all year, Orton jumped his teammate Magee exiting the hairpin, and then went after Live Fast's Rob McFadyen. Two laps later, he beat McFadyen into the hairpin, and exited ahead of him. Next he set his eyes on Nathan Rogers, and once again beat him out of the hairpin.
    However, the front-running Live Fast driver, Chris George, had a 200 meter lead, that got wittled away, but couldn't be erased. When the chequered flag finally waved, Orton brought his kart home in 6th place, in his best race of the year. Meanwhile, Peter Magee was creating trouble of his own, staying off the grass for a nice change, but swapping ends in an overzealous outbraking attempt into the hairpin. While he was trying to figure out which way to go, Peter Sammon took advantage of his spinning kart and moved ahead. Two laps later, Sammon spun, causing Magee to react in the identical manner, and the 2 Dumbasses were left pointing the wrong way. Magee got going first and crossed the finish line in 16, while Sammon took home 19th place.
    None of the DHRT drivers got close to the magical 48 second mark, but it wasn't for a lack of trying.
    At the front, Ashley Hughes cruised to another well-earned victory which clinched the Masters class drivers championship for him. He immediately wheeled his championship winning kart to the DHRT paddock, where immense amounts of cash were exchanged so the DHRT technicians could rip apart his kart in an attempt to figure out where all his speed came from. Rumour has it that if they can't find anything concrete with the kart, they will tie Hughes down to his kart stand, and perform the same procedures on him to determine what drives this guy. If nothing is found, they'll wheel the kart stand, with Ashley's carcass attached, and deposit it in the Shepard Land Fill.
  • 2013/09/14 - DHRT attends the Cardel Demonstration Races
    Silly Season is in full swing in F1 as well as in the CKRC paddock.
    The crème de la crème of the Masters class attended this automotive feast for the eyes and included Josh Carter, Dan Peet, Peter Magee, Stephen Orton & Ashley Hughes.
    With Kimi Raikonen deciding to depart to Ferrari in 2014, Lotus F1 had Peter Sammon fly to Europe early in the week to test drive their Formula 1 car, getting tongues wagging in both the CKRC & F1 paddocks. This sudden departure left a seat open at DHRT for the Cardel demonstration races. It was quickly filled by class-leading driver Ashley Hughes, moving the CKRC Silly Season into full swing. Hughes pitted with DHRT drivers Stephen Orton & Peter Magee, but spent most of his day deep in the paddocks avoiding the media crush.
    While the regular DHRT drivers were out on track trading paint, the DHRT team principals were seen in heavy discussions with Hughes, who appeared somewhat reticent in his approach to the day's racing. Not sure if Hughes had the dumbass qualities needed to be with a team of this class, the team manager finally convinced him to take to the track for the final session. And boy did Hughes deliver, as the wheels literally fell off his kart. On the final lap, in the last corner, one of Hughes rear wheels came off his kart, stranding him in front of the huge crowds that had come to watch the event. The DHRT team principals let out a huge sigh of relief, realizing that they could be watching the biggest Dumbass of them all!
    Hearing that his prized seat at DHRT might be in jeopardy, Peter Sammon left the Lotus test session, hopped on the first Concorde he could hijack, and headed immediately to the Cardel event with his agent, to ensure his position for next year was still safe.
    Also spotted among the drivers in the DHRT paddock was young Dylan Waller, adding to speculation that DHRT might be creating a junior team, similar to what Red Bull has done with the Torro Rosso team in F1. No word on the significance of this driver spotting, but he was seen leaving the DHRT paddock with a large smile on his face, telling reporters that "you can't teach stupid!". It seems he too, would be another perfect candidate to be a DHRT team driver...

    DHRT team principals refused to comment on any of the day's events or speculation.

  • 2013/09/08 - Dumbasses will be Dumbasses!
    How to go racing without a chain, a couple of carburetors, or even a track.
    The Dumbass Hillbillies were at it again on Sunday, each proving that they definitely belong on this team. Someone once asked, "Why would anyone want to join any team called Dumbass?". When you are a perfect dumbass, like magnets, you can't resist the attraction, and you end up driving for Team DHRT!

    All 3 drivers arrived at the track early and ensured their karts were in perfect running condition and were ready to race. Once the Masters class was called for their practice, the 3 drivers followed one another out onto the track and accelerated down the main straight. Rounding the first corner sweeper, Dumbass #1 Peter Sammon coasted to a stop, having thrown his chain as he had forgotten to tighten one of his engine mounts. Meanwhile, Dumbass #2 Stephen Orton was following Peter Magee around the track, and after passing Sammon's stricken vehicle, on his 2nd lap, his kart immediately came to a halt when his carb & air box fell off. One untightened bolt left Dumbass #2 sitting stalled on the back straight. Fortunately Dumbass #3 Peter Magee had managed to put in 3 laps before his carb & air box fell off midway through the hairpin, sending him spinning through the wet green grass. Lawn Boy was definitely on form today! When he returned to the team's paddock, he looked like a green haystack being taken to market. Peter Sammon had to wait for practice to conclude, before he could load his kart onto the recovery vehicle, and take the parade of shame back to the team's paddock. All 3 Dumbasses yelled at their respective mechanics for dropping the ball on this most critical race day. No word from the team principals as to whether any fines would be handed out, but all 3 drivers were not impressed by their mechanic's tardy work. All three driver/mechanics attacked their karts to get them ready for qualifying, as practice had taught them absolutely nothing! However, Peter Magee's handiwork with the pitchfork showed he'd performed this act previously.

    Qualifying was definitely a team affair, and showed how closely matched the DHRT drivers were with their main competitors, Team Live Fast. In the end, it was Team Live Fast's rookie driver Rob McFadyen who claimed 9th place, followed by Peter Magee in 10th, with Live Fast's Garrett Smith lining up in 11th. Peter Sammon was positioned in 12th spot, while Live Fast's Chris George was occupying the 13th position, followed by Stephen Orton in 14th.

    When the Pre-Final got under way, this mid-pack group quickly dispensed with Rob McFadyen who got tangled up in the hairpin on the first lap. The remaining 5 drivers tried to keep pace with Rush Racing's Iain McVean, and the group of 6 lapped nose to tail for a number of laps, until Garrett Smith lost grip through the sweeper, ripped through the grass, before planting himself in the middle of the road, pointing in the wrong direction, facing the oncoming traffic of both George & Orton. The 2 drivers carefully avoided him, rejoined the now group of 5 and proceeded to battle each other right to the finish. Once again, Peter Magee decided it was time to mow some more grass on the back straight, allowing his teammate Peter Sammon to sneak by. Chris George & Stephen Orton had to settle in behind Magee who was now tossing out chunks of foliage from his kart. The drivers crossed the finish line, nose to tail in a very exciting Pre-Final. It should be noted that the only Live Fast driver to stick with the DHRT dynamo's was Chris George who just happened to be running DHRT's custom exhaust package. Strange coincidence? definitely not!!!

    The Final had Peter Sammon starting 7th, Peter Magee starting 9th, and Stephen Orton starting 11th. So dominating was the DHRT effort, that only Chris George of Team Live Fast could break into the group, starting in 10th. An epic battle was brewing! With the DHRT drivers lined up behind one another, on the inside line, things were not looking promising for Live Fast. Garrett Smith got a great jump on the drivers ahead at the start of the race, and really took advantage of things launching his kart over a spinning Bob Wallace, and jumping ahead of Steve Orton. He subsequently passed Chris George on the back straight, and was gunning for Peter Magee. However, an over-exuberant passing attempt though the first turn sweeper went very wrong, and he once again found himself sitting in the grass facing the wrong way. Kyle Ho of SpecR had managed to sneak by the entire group at the start, but his overtaking move on Peter Sammon caused the DHRT driver to loose focus, and spin off at the kink following the hairpin. After 4 laps, Ho was now holding up the drivers behind him, but even though they were faster, they had no answer to the question of getting around him. The 4 drivers raced around the track nose to tail waiting for someone to make a mistake and allow them to capitalize. This moment never came, and Peter Magee crossed the line in 10th, George in 11th, with Orton finishing 12th, and Sammon sitting in a lonely 15th place. On this day, the DHRT team definitely clawed back some points from their nemesis & arch-rivals!

    Meanwhile, Ashley Hughes was having another one of his quiet peaceful Sunday afternoon drives, leaving his nearest competitor over 8 seconds behind him. Amazing when you consider most of the other drivers were only separated by a few hundreds of a second. Things were put in perspective though, when all the drivers lined up with their own class for the final club photo at Varsity Speed Park; Ashley was perfectly placed among his peers, the 8-10 year old Junior 1 drivers!!! Although no DHRT drivers were anywhere close to the podium, the team did get a shout out from Hughes who figured his DHRT derived RAVE technology was good for at least 7.5 of his 8.0 second lead. The DHRT team principals are now reconsidering their approach of sharing their data and hardware with other teams.
  • 2013/09/07 - Racing in the rain; the great equalizer!
    "I'm gonna punch the next person that says they love racing in the rain!" - Peter Sammon
    The forecast rain came and stayed for the whole day, soaking Varsity Speed Park. All the drivers in the Masters class had seen the forecast, but were still somewhat disappointed that the weather actually was what was expected.

    All drivers took in the practice round on their full wet tires, with the exception of Stephen Orton whose kart was shod in his well worn intermediate tires. Unfortunately for Orton, this strategy backfired as there was too much precipitation on the track, and his tires were no match for the elements, as he struggled more than any other driver on track.

    When the Masters qualifying session was called to the grid, the rain was continuing to fall unabatedly. Once again, Orton tempted fate by using his intermediate tires, and could only manage an 11th place starting position, while his teammate Peter Magee settled in at P7, and Peter Sammon, who has no real love for wet races qualified just in front of Orton in 10th place out of the 14 drivers competing today.

    By the time the Pre-Final started, the skies were still black and threatening, but the rain had been absent for over an hour. The track was still wet with no dry driving lines being obvious. Once again, Orton chose the intermediate tires while the rest of the field went with the full rain tires. In this race, the intermediates were the ticket however, as a dry line into the hairpin had been established. With drivers on full wets suffering somewhat, and worried about ruining their tires, Orton overtook both his teammates, and two of the Live Fast drivers and settled comfortably into 7th place. Garrett Smith, the 3rd Live Fast driver took himself out of contention, spinning his way towards the back of the pack. With 1 lap to go, Orton's exuberant driving caught up to him in the S turns where he spun, allowing both Rob McFadyen and Chris George of Team Live Fast, as well as Brendon Sanguinetti of the Jamaican Kart team, through. Orton recovered to finish in 10th place, ahead of Peter Magee, who once again was busy cutting grass, and Peter Sammon, who was practicing his on-track pirouettes.

    The time between the finish of the Pre-Final and the start of the Final had all the Masters drivers considering their options, as it looked like the slick tires might be an option as not a drop of rain had fallen in hours, although the clouds were still dark and threatening. A heavy burst of rain settled things, and all the drivers were back to their full rain setup, except for Orton who was once again tempting fate with his well-worn intermediates. This time however, it was the wrong dumbass decision as the rain continued to fall and he continued to drift backwards unable to find any grip, eventually spinning in the hairpin, and almost taking out both of his teammates. A fine save by Peter Sammon kept the 2 drivers from landing on top of one another, but it ruined any chance Sammon had of staying ahead of Magee. A further spin left Orton open to being lapped. All 3 Live Fast drivers finished ahead of the DHRT drivers, increasing their team's lead in the constructors championship.

    All the while, at the front, Ashley Hughes was playing in a sandbox of his own, located a time zone ahead of the rest of the Masters class. It was only Orton who had any idea of where Hughes was, as he fought him on the last lap, unable to see the plethora of waved blue flags through the pouring rain. After being rebuffed at the end of the front straight, Hughes finally put Orton in his place, dispensing with the dumbass pest in the hairpin, before cruising home to victory, half a lap ahead of his nearest competitor. Peter Magee crossed the line in 9th for another fine top 10 finish, while Peter Sammon came in 12th, with Orton struggling in to finish in 13th polace, one lap down on the rest of the class.
  • 2013/08/28 - DHRT first race team ever to take advantage of Carboiridium!
    Stress fractures force team into advancing their use of this super fiber polymer.
    News broke late last night that the DHRT team's kart chassis had suffered several stress fractures on the seat struts when they tore down the chassis at their Calgary factory. MRI and Transfluidal scans confirmed the problem, and forced the team to use their new Carboiridium compound on their rear ends. The team had originally planned to introduce the new process in 2014, but had to take advantage of it immediately to resolve their issues. The ultra-expensive compound, that is composed of a mix of carbon fiber, Iridium and Unobtainium was welded to the seat braces by master welder Terry Fucile of Fucile Fabricators, known for their work on some of NASA's top secret projects. The Carboiridium stiffens the brace by over 800 times the normal strength and will never break. The torsional rigidity of the material is unheard of, and transfers weight exponentially. Tests late Tuesday night had shown lap time improvements of over 22%, which astounded the few observers that had stuck around the track after the sun had set. So confident of their new progress, the team shared some of their older RAVE technological breakthroughs with the the WTFISTHATPARTFOR team, whose top driver Ashley Hughes currently sits atop the CKRC Rotax Masters standings.
    Asked about the wisdom of sharing their technological breakthroughs with other teams, the team principal had this to say, "This advancement is so monumental, that we felt it was only fair to share some of our older successful technogical secrets with the rest of the field. In fact, we've licensed last year's exhaust system to the Live Fast team, one of our fiercest competitors, and they are currently running it on one of their karts, while they continue to evaluate it. We are completely confident that our team will continue to dominate the back end of the grid, so we felt it was only right to share our older technologies with others. In fact, while most other teams have switched their development and focus to the 2014 karts and the next CKRC track, we are continuing to spend massive sums of time and little money on the current version, hoping to regain the team championship".
    When asked how he felt working with this new material, Terry Fucile would only say, "hey, I don't know anthing about Rotax's", then turned and walked away. The paddock is anxiously waiting to see the new karts, when they are unveiled on Saturdy Sept 7, 2013 for the big upcoming double-header weekend.
  • 2013/08/25 - What happens when 3 Dumbasses collide? Nothing good!
    The question of who was the biggest dumbass of this race weekend is still up for discussion.
    During the morning, it sure looked like Stephen Orton had the dumbass award locked up, but Peter Magee may just have snatched it away from him. Probably the only 'good' thing that happened this race weekend was that the DHRT team lap record fell, by a large margin. Peter Sammon knocked almost 3/10ths off of the old record that was formerly held by Peter Magee.
    In an amazing turn of events, Stephen Orton arrived at the track with his kart properly assembled and ready to race after installing his new race engine and braking it in the previous night. But good turned to bad in practice when his chain flew apart at the end of the back straight after 3 laps, in exactly the same place that he blew his engine 2 weeks earlier. He then had the unenviable ride on the recovery vehicle, looking like a true dumbass, as the remaining parts of his chain had wrapped itself around the axle and was stuck in the bearing, meaning the kart was not going to move. Both Peters had no issues whatsoever, and made the most of practice, looking very tidy and ready to challenge for top 10 placings.
    All 3 drivers attacked Orton's kart to get it ready for Qualifying, but they only had 30 minutes to accomplish the task. Proving that 3 dumbasses working together can do great things, they got Orton's kart back together just prior to qualifying. Qualifying went well for the DHRT team, as they all qualified less than 1 second apart, with Peter Sammon leading the group with a 50.206 second lap, breaking Peter Magee's old record. However, things fell apart for the team at the scale shack where the drivers had to weigh in. Magee & Sammon made it through without any problem, but Orton's kart was found to be 8 pounds below minimum class weight. The kart was re-measured again after resetting the scales, but the result was no different; his combined weight was still 8 pounds too light. Only a real dumbass could do something so foolish as to throw away a promising starting position. The strange part was that nothing had changed on Orton's kart with the exception of a different motor. While both Peters started in the middle of the pack, Orton was positioned dead last in 18th place, and needed binoculars to see his teammates way up the grid. All three drivers got through the Pre-Final race enjoying numerous battles, with Orton completing many passes to place just behind his teammates.
    For the Final, Peter Sammon lined up 10th, Peter Magee in 11th, and Stephen Orton in position 13. Things looked very enticing, as the team could possibly get all 3 drivers into the top 10 for the first time in a long time. Only a dumbass move of disastrous proportions could wreck things.
    As the Final started, Orton got away quicker than Peter Magee who was directly in front on him, but all he could do was pull up along side him going into the first corner, so he had to back out of it slightly. Peter Sammon had got away cleanly, but rounding the apex of the first turn, Peter Magee's nose cone somehow found it's ways into the side of Peter Sammon's rear tire, sending him spinning, and then collecting Varsity's Thomas Matthews who was tucked in behind Magee's bumper. As the 2 karts spread out, Orton had no place to go, but into the back side of Matthew's kart, coming to an immediate stop. While the 3 drivers tried to separate their karts, Magee set off into the sunset, with the Dumbass of the Day crown now firmly planted on his black racing helmet. Stephen Orton was the first of the 3 to get out of the tangled mess, but something was definitely wrong with his kart. Every turn caused it to scrape or drag on the race track, but undaunted, he continued to race, passing another kart that had been mixed up in a different collision further down the track. A fierce battle raged between these 2 drivers, until Orton made a mistake in the hairpin, and lost position. Meanwhile Peter Sammon had collected himself, and planted himself firmly on Orton's bumper. All the while, Peter Magee was racing off into the distance, unaware of what was happening behind him!
    As Orton's tires went off, Sammon was all over him trying to find a way past. Another mistake at the hairpin, gave Sammon the opportunity, and he took full advantage of it, while Orton went off track and got some good airtime when his kart hit a small cliff on the infield. He managed to get back on track without letting off the throttle, but could do nothing to haul in his teammate, who was now opening up a gap on him. It was fortunate for both drivers that other incidents had reduced the number of running karts, allowing them to work their way up to a better position. Meanwhile Peter Magee was dreaming of a pitcher of margarita's as he motored home to a 10th place finish, with Sammon claiming 13th and Orton 14th.
    Meanwhile, at the front of the grid, Ashley Hughes was stuck in 3rd and proved he was human after disobeying team orders in the Pre-Final, giving up 2 positions with a costly mistake in the hairpin. But in the Final, he took advantage of an early collision that took out the pole sitter, and cruised to another victory. Why the Williams F1 team ever gave up on this guy in 1992, and decided to take Nigel Mansell back from Ferrari, still remains a big mystery.
    After the race, the 3 DHRT drivers discussed the first corner incident amongst themselves, while the team principal was going ballistic on them, having thrown away such a promising proposition of all 3 drivers in the top 10. Financial penalties have yet to be handed out...
  • 2013/08/11 - There's smokin' Sammon on the BBQ for Race 8!
    It's a good thing Peter Sammon was cooking today, as his teammates were looking fried.
    With Peter Magee returning with jet lag after partying hard with the F1 crowd, and Stephen Orton still searching for a new engine the day of the race (dare we say Dumbass....), after his expired 3 days prior, it was up to Peter Sammon to show the boys the way. And did he ever!
    Both Sammon and Orton were running the new upgraded DHRT chassis, while Magee stayed with his old trusted setup. Today would be the day to determine whether the engineers got it right.
    Peter Sammon set a blistering pace in practice, while Magee tried to shake off the jet lag. Meanwhile in the pits, missing practice again, Orton was setting a blistering pace of his own, attempting to get the loaner engine from Team Dezall installed and ready for qualifying. Sammon followed up in qualifying with another excellent run which put him towards the front of the pack. Magee and Orton set almost identical times, however this was Orton's first time on the track with the new setup, and it took him a bit to get comfortable with it. The engine was a massive improvement over his old tired steed.
    In the Pre-Final all drivers got away cleanly, diving into the north chicane and coming out unscathed. However, Orton went wide into the grandstand turn and lost 1 position that he would spend the next 8 laps trying to regain. A smooth pass into the tight hairpin regained his position, but he was in no shape to fight with the drivers ahead of him which included both Peter Magee and Peter Sammon, who were waging great battles of their own. When the flag finally flew after 14 laps, Sammon was in position 11, with Magee gridding directly behind him in 13th, and Orton behind him in 15th.
    The start to the Final went cleanly as well, and all drivers were fighting to gain position. Magee got tangled up in traffic, where Orton took advantage of the opportunity and passed him. Unfortunately for Magee, he fought slower traffic the whole race and had trouble making much forward progress. Once again Peter Sammon was driving a beautiful race, while Orton was fighting to catch up. After a couple of great passes, utilizing the strength of his new powerplant, he had moved up to 12th, but still didn't have enough to close in on Sammon who finished 10th out of the 18 field grid.
    It was obvious that great strides had been made with the new DHRT chassis, and Peter Magee felt the change the most as he struggled to keep pace, admitting it was his worst outing of the year.
    Unfortunately for Orton, he had to pull the engine, and return it to it's rightful owners. Special thanks to Team Dezall for allowing the biggest Dumbass of the DHRT team to compete on this Sunday!

    Also of note, the McSweeney's Girls were at the track handing out samples of McSweeney's delicious Teriyaki Beef Jerky!

  • 2013/08/08 - Massive upgrades expected for Race 8!
    DHRT engineers have been hard at work upgrading their under-performing karts.
    While Peter Magee has been spending the summer break with his friends from the Formula 1 world at an exclusive resort in the Eastern Townships of Quebec after a very successful first half of the season, Steve Orton & Peter Sammon have been working closely with the DHRT team engineers to find a fix to their loose rear-ends. The team's partnership with the McLaren F1 team, who just happen to be suffering the same fate, allowed the 2 teams to collaborate in solving the issues. Massive amounts of testing have taken place, and will continue throughout the week to ensure the team are back to dominating the mid-field battle in the CKRC Rotax Master series, which resumes on Sunday August 11, 2013 at Varsity Speed Park.
    The paddock is anxious and nervous, waiting to see what the DHRT engineers have come up with.
    Stay Toon'd!

  • 2013/07/21 - Race #7 - A terrible start wrecks Peter Sammon's quest for the podium!
    Magee continues to collect grass & set new lap records, while Orton battles hard with little reward.
    The team took their time getting to the track on this day as their paddock was ready and waiting for them from the previous day's competition. In practice, it was Orton who went out and put in the hot lap of 49.303 seconds, while his team-mates Peter Sammon & Peter Magee were right up his exhaust as all the DHRT team put in competitive times. It sure looked like it could be a banner day for Team DHRT.
    In qualifying, Peter Sammon embedded himself among the faster drivers at the front, while Orton stayed towards the back attempting to get himself into a clear area of the track, but it failed abysmally, and he never got to run a good hard lap. Peter Magee waited much longer in the pits, before releasing his beast on the track, and wound up with the best qualifying lap of the group, absolutely demolishing the existing lap record by almost 2/10th's of a second. Now the owner of both track records, Magee looked to be a force today, but could only manage 11th on the grid, as the competition is on full boil. Peter Sammon qualified 13th, while Stephen Orton occupied 14th place.
    In the Pre-Final, Sammon was starting directly behind Magee, while Orton was to his right. A very rapid approach to the acceleration line before the start line, caused the race marshal to wave off the start. However, the drivers at the back end of the pack were struggling to keep up to the first rows and were accelerating rapidly through the chicane attempting to keep up with the group. Many were caught off-guard by the lack of a waved green flag, as they were doing all they could to keep close to the driver in front. As Peter Magee raised his hand to indicate to the drivers behind him to slow down, Peter Sammon was doing all he could to avoid plowing into the back of Magee. Locking his rear brakes, sending billows of smoke upwards, the kart kicked to the right, and the 2 drivers behind him plowed into him, unaware that the race had been waived off. One kart went sailing over his front end, taking all the body parts with it, while the second kart smoked him in the rear, bending his rear axle. The race was immediately red flagged, and all the karts but Peter Sammon's returned to the finish line to allow the recovery vehicles to remove the carnage that littered the track. The drivers were issued a stern warning to behave and not to accelerate prior to the acceleration line. Pole sitter Ashley Hughes was given a spanking and told to go to the back of the class. The next restart went much smoother, with Magee and Orton both passing a number of karts to gain a few positions. Magee was driving a fantastic race, right on the edge, until he cooked his exit leaving the long sweeper in turn 1, and planted his kart in the tall grass, causing an explosion of grass clippings that filled the air and that portion of the track. Covered in the stuff, he watched the remainder of the race, hoping that no one saw him hiding in his pile of torn up grass. Numerous other skirmishes on the track caused a number of spins, and more than one kart lost numerous positions due to the altercations. Once again, Orton accepted what was given, and chased down the kart in front, but even though he was faster, couldn't find a way around. and finished in 10th place. Once Peter Magee dug himself out of his hiding place beneath the grass, he was classified 16th.
    Once the drivers crossed the weigh scales, they were read the riot act by the race director for a terrible race. A class meeting was held where the class discussed the issues, and vowed to have a much better Final, later in the afternoon.
    Peter Sammon's kart was waiting for the team, back in the DHRT pits, looking like it had been run over by a semi.
    The start to the Final was at a much more reasonable pace, and the field got away cleanly, without incidence. Stephen Orton jumped a couple of positions at the start, staying on the outside of turn 1, but lost even more heading into the hairpin. Peter Magee was 3 spots behind, waiting to pounce on any opportunity presented. Orton drove consistently, like his team-mate of old, and had a great clean fight, before surrendering 10th place to the driver that was all over his back-end. He continued fighting for 10th, but the positions remained static for the remainder of the race. Once again Magee was quicker than Orton, but Orton had position and finished 11th, with Magee 13th.
    Returning to the pits, the two DHRT drivers spotted the karting priests & guru's giving Peter Sammon's poor kart, it's last rites.

  • 2013/07/20 - Race #6 - Sammon sizzles, then fizzles. Magee, Mr. Consistency is no longer, and Orton finally returns to form!
    Stephen Orton inherits the title of Mr. Consistent, while Magee spends his time mowing the grass and learning to barrel race! Peter Sammon struggles after setting blistering early pace.
    Proving once again, the name Dumbass fits, late on the Friday night before the double-header race weekend, Orton disassembled his rear end, searching for an answer to the massive oversteer problems he's been suffering with all year. When he arrived at the track on Saturday morning, he had a 3 hour task of putting his kart back together, missing practice completely, while Peter Sammon blitzed the field with the quickest time in free practice. He looked like the driver to beat, while Magee was just a whisker behind him. Before practice and immediately after, both Magee and Sammon were busy helping Orton put his kart back together. Figuring to capitalize on his dazzling practice performance, Peter Sammon installed a fresh set of scrubbed rubber, expecting to fight it out for pole. When the Masters class was called for qualifying, Orton's kart was still nowhere close to being ready, so the dumbass kept working while his competitors began qualifying. With 2 minutes left in qualifying, Orton wheeled his kart past the Junior drivers who were getting ready to qualify, and took to the track in an attempt to get a qualifying lap in. He just managed to, but it put him towards the very back of the field where he qualified 15th. Peter Sammon couldn't come to grips with his fresh rubber, and had a disappointing outing, qualifying 12th. Peter Magee, Mr. Consistency put in a smoking lap, nearly equaling the team lap record, and qualified 11th. The Pre-Final started well for all the DHRT drivers, but Peter Magee was the first to cause himself grief, as he went off in the southeast corner after entering it with too much exuberance. Orton quickly sailed by, graciously accepting Magee's generosity. Two laps later Peter Sammon found himself in the same predicament just beyond the same corner, and went sailing off into the weeds, leaving a cloud of grass clippings in his wake. Orton again took advantage of his team-mate's generosity, finishing in 10th place, even though he had the slowest laps times of the DHRT team.

    The Final started with Stephen Orton in position #9 leading his stable-mates to another fight in the CKRC Rotax Masters class. All drivers got away cleanly, and Orton put a smooth pass in just after the hairpin to reclaim 9th place that was lost at the start. Behind him, Peter Magee and Peter Sammon were in hot pursuit, stuck to his tail for the first laps, until Magee lost focus and total control of his kart, bearing in on the race director on the side of the track and the heavy safety barrels behind him. Magee's forward progress ceased quickly when he made head-on contact with the large barrels filled with water. Pulling himself out of the catastrophe that he created, and covered in grass, he made his way back on track to continue the fight.

    Unfortunately none of the drivers had a response for the guys in front and they maintained position until late in the race, when one of the lead drivers that spun early in the race made took Peter Sammon for 11th. In the end, Orton crossed the finish line in 10th place, with Peter Sammon in 12th, followed by Peter Magee in 14th place.
    Stephen Orton's consistent, but not overly quick laps helped him regain his form after struggling earlier in the year. His ability to successfully pull-off such a dumbass move as pulling his axle the night before a race make him a fitting member of the Dumbass Hillbillies.
    Peter Sammon had the quick lap of the day at 49.509 seconds, but never lived up to the huge expectations that were piled on his shoulders after his scorching practice run.
    Peter Magee is having a yard sail with all the grass he collected off his karts after the numerous escapades into the infield grass this day!
    In Michael Schumacher fashion, Ashley Hughes ran away with the race from pole.

  • 2013/07/07 - Race #5 - And someone wonders why we're called Dumbass?!?!
    An excellent race weekend has some interesting racing, as strange & bewildering moment, plus a new lap record for Peter Magee!
    With Peter Sammon in Edmonton wish his family, doing some Indy Car testing, the remainder of the Dumbass Hillbillies were hard at work in Calgary fighting it out in the CKRC Rotax Masters class championship. Peter Magee showed his best and worst this day, where he surprisingly qualified 6th after he'd spent considerable time mowing down the back forty after biffing the corner following the back straight. Stephen Orton was off the pace in qualifying, unable to find much speed in his kart, and qualified 9th.
    At the start of the Pre-Final, Orton lost a place going into the first corner, while Magee maintained position and attempted to chase down the 'Fast 5' at the front of the grid. The second group of 5 was tightly packed, duking it out for position, when one of the drivers spun in the hairpin just ahead of Orton, forcing him off track. He had nowhere to go, but into the deep green stuff, ruining his race. Once back on track, he had lost one quarter of a lap to the group ahead. Peter Magee meanwhile fought it out for numerous laps, before losing 6th position to a new rookie driver. When Magee saw the white board indicating 'Last Lap' being held at the start/finish line, he backed out of the throttle and began his cool-down lap, suffering a massive brain-fart, thinking he'd just witnessed the chequered flag. The huge gap he had over Orton and another driving quickly evaporated, and both drivers passed him late in the lap and crossed the finish line, where the chequered flag was waving. Magee meanwhile left the track without crossing the finish line, wondering why no one else was slowing down. As he watched his competitors take the chequered flag, he was seen wandering around the pits with a puzzled look on his face and repeatedly uttering the words 'Dumbass, dumbass, dumbass...'!
    Does the team name need any further explanation now?!?!
    The Final was another interesting event. Newcomer Ashley Hughes was on pole after smoking the field in the Pre-Final, while Orton started 7th and Magee 8th after the Pre-Final curfuffle. The pace into the final chicane before the start was quicker than normal, and caught a few drivers off guard. Stephen Orton had a fantastic start, taking advantage of the situation, and jumped right up into 5th place, while Peter Magee found himself in 7th. Unfortunately for Orton, the start was waved off, and the grid was reformed for a second attempt. Once again, the pace towards the start line was faster than usual, and this time Orton got caught out, while Magee jumped him for position, and Orton fell to the very back. Orton was back on Magee's bumper in short order, but couldn't pull alongside him anywhere. The two stayed like this for a number of laps before Magee started opening a small gap that would continue to grow. After a couple of nifty passes and another driver retirement, Magee was in 7th with Orton tucked into 8th place. The margin between the battle for 5th & 6th ahead was diminishing, but neither DHRT driver had the speed to track this group down. At the front of the pack Ashley Hughes took his toys and ran away from everyone for a fine first victory.

  • 2013/06/23 - Race #4 - CANCELLED as Calgary suffers huge Flood!
    The worst flood is Southern Alberta history shuts down Varsity Speed Park as well as the whole City of Calgary.
    Race number 4 has been rescheduled for September 7, 2013, which will now be a double-header weekend. The access road to the track was completely flooded, and the track itself was a lake.

  • 2013/06/09 - Race #3 - Changing weather plays a huge part!
    With Orton sent to Arizona for additional testing, Sammon & Magee carry the DHRT flag.
    Steve Orton was sent to Arizona to fine tune his driving habits, and pick up the new team suits & other equipment.
    Meanwhile, Peter Magee and Peter Sammon were duking it out on the track with severe weather threatening. Sammon had the better of Magee in qualifying setting a time of 49.5, with Magee finishing almost a second off of that time. However, the skies were threatening and the field chose to mount their rain tires for the final, when a large black cloud rolled towards them. The Pre-Final took place in a deluge that cause Sammon to spin, while Magee kept it steady and smooth as is his way, and finished 7th.
    The rain cleared before the Final, but there were still wet spots on the track that had to be carefully navigated. There was some bumping at the front of the grid, but the DHRT boys kept their noses clean and out of trouble. Peter Magee came home 7th with Peter Sammon right behind him in 8th. The next race should be a good one as the team is planning to have all drivers racing, with their new outfits and gear, as well as a huge new canopy that will make paddock life that much more comfortable.

  • 2013/05/19 - Race #2 - Magee the best of a bad bunch, as DHRT struggles!
    A tough weekend for DHRT, but all karts crossed the finish line.
    With the weather threatening all weekend, Team DHRT felt comfortable heading into the second club race of the year. Unfortunately it wasn't to be! Qualifying was held under heavy clouds on a cold, slippery track that had seen some rain in the past couple of days. Unable to find their speed, Magee qualified 9th, Orton 10th, and Sammon 11th out of the 13 drivers competing. Rain preceding the Pre-Final caused a lot of scrambling as some drivers mounted their rain tires while others debated whether the track would dry out during the race, making the slicks a better option. Both Orton & Sammon chose to stay on their slicks, while Magee took his rain tires to the grid, still undecided about the best approach. Seeing the majority of drivers going to rain tires, he attempted to switch over, but ran out of time and only got the fronts mounted. He also forgot to put the spring in his RAVE valve, so as all the drivers took to the track to do their installation lap, Magee was scrambling to get his kart off of the kart stand. Meanwhile both Sammon and Orton spun during the warm-up. Magee joined just in time to get into formation, while his teammates were struggling to catch back up to the field. As the flag dropped, those with rain tires went rocketing forward, while those without slipped and spun and quickly fell out of contention. Peter Magee, with only a pair of rain tires mounted fared much better than his teammates, lapping them both. But when the Pre-Final concluded, he was in 10th, only 1 place ahead of Peter Sammon, who had stayed ahead of Orton who finished in 12th.
    All drivers were back on their slicks for the Final. Peter Sammon went a bit wide in the first turn in an attempt to get the jump on Magee. The move failed to generate the anticipated result, and Orton snuck up the inside to take the place. One lap later, Sammon spun on the long sweeper after the hairpin and had a solitary race after that. Orton was 20 meters behind Magee who was at the back of a battle with 2 other drivers. Orton could never close the gap and maintained his position throughout. Although Magee was quicker than the driver ahead of him, he couldn't find a way past, and had to settle for 9th place. Orton followed in 10th, and Sammon rounded things out with a 12th place finish.
    Afterwards the team principles met with their drivers to determine why things had gone so wrong this weekend. It was decided that both Sammon & Orton needed to return to the track to get on top of their karts, or face a long frustrating season. Peter Magee was sent back to British Columbia for further skirt-chasing which seems to have upped his pace this year!

  • 2013/05/05 - Race #1 - Peter Magee leads DHRT with a fine 4th place in the first race of the year!
    Magee shows how it's done, while the other team drivers can only sniff his exhaust fumes.
    Peter Magee dominated his DHRT teammates in the first race of the year, leading both Stephen Orton & Peter Sammon in qualifying, pre-final and in the final.
    After qualifying for the Pre-Final, Magee lined 5th, Orton 8th and Sammon 10th. Magee got away smoothly at the start and settled in nicely while Orton struggled to get up to speed with Sammon all over the back of him. Since DHRT has no regard for silly team orders, the 2 DHRT drivers fought it out for numerous laps before blue flags created havoc for the field, as the shifters were running with the Masters class. Orton gained a position because of them, but it cost Sammon a position.
    For the Final, Magee lined up in 6th, Orton 7th, and Sammon 10th. As the field crossed the start line, Orton once again struggled for speed, but it proved to be a blessing as a first corner pileup involving 2 drivers diving for the corner sent broken karts spewing across the racing line. Stephen Orton went around the outside and missed them, but Peter Sammon following close behind, couldn't avoid the spreading debris, and flew over one of the spinning karts, bending his axle and ending his day. Ahead, Peter Magee managed to avoid the carnage, but soon had Orton chasing him, about 10 meters adrift. Magee drove the most consistent laps of his life, and Orton could make no ground on him. Once the smoke settled, Magee was classified 4th, Orton 5th, and Sammon 10th.
    All team drivers are anxious for the next race to see if they can move further up the grid!

  • 2013/04/05 - Team DHRT is ready to fight for 2013 dominance!
    With the first race only 30 days away, DHRT is poised to dominate the 2013 CKRC Rotax Masters season.
    The team mechanics have spent the long winter months getting all 3 karts tuned & race-ready for the upcoming assault on the club championship. New kart decals have been applied, McSweeney's logo'd race suits have been ordered, and the drivers are in the best shape of their lives.
    Peter Sammon has spent the winter at his massive ski chalet located on the slopes of the Canadian Rockies, skiing daily and doing high altitude training to ensure he is fighting for the top spot on the podium.
    Peter Magee has taken the opposite approach and confined himself to his sunny beach resort, surrounded by a tanned, long-legged, bleach blonde training staff. He's been chasing after them for months, so he has reached the ultimate level of aerobic fitness.
    Meanwhile, Stephen Orton has been hard at work at his vineyard, producing the world famous SPOrton Wineries red & white vintages. When not sampling the product on a regular basis, he has been hard at work lifting heavy casks full of the delicious liquids.
    There's been no word on whether SPOrton is producing champagne yet, which would come in handy to celebrate the expected success of the upcoming year.
    No longer considered backmarkers, the DHRT team is looking a lot like the Red Bull F1 team, and are now poised to take their rightful place at the front of the pack. Once the team principle can get their drivers away from their winter passions, a new team photo will be in order!


  • 2012/11/11 - Peter Sammon commits to racing for DHRT in 2013!
    Signing of top privateer startles the paddock, but is definitely a day to Remember for Team DHRT.
    After months of speculation and long negotiations, Peter Sammon, the top privateer in the CKRC Rotax Masters division, has committed to race for the DHRT team in 2013. The DHRT team principals had this to say in their press release, "A signing of this magnitude brings back memories of Roger Penske's all-conquering CART teams of the early 90's when he had Emerson Fittipaldi, Paul Tracy, and Al Unser Jr. in his stable, where they absolutely dominated the race scene for years. Having 3 of the top 6 drivers in the CKRC Rotax Masters division, should continue to keep DHRT on the podium throughout the 2013 season."
    It has long been rumored that a major stumbling block in the contract negotiations was very similar to Formula 1's Lewis Hamilton and his desire to keep his victory trophies. It has been a long standing policy that DHRT retains all trophies in their 'Wall of Fame' at their sprawling headquarters in Calgary. Also adding to the length of the negotiations were the week's Sammon spent in Italy this summer with ongoing negotiations with the Ferrari team, looking for a European drive. No word yet on how this figured into the contract, but Sammon mentioned to reporters that he was happy with the outcome of the negotiations and looks forward to developing the 2013 karts with Stephen Orton & Peter Magee.
    There is no word yet on how the team will handle having two Peters...

    On another note, DHRT won the bidding war for paddock spaces at the CKRC's year end banquet which will allow them a prime choice for their growing team. Now the long wait for winter to end begins!

  • 2012/09/30 - CKRC Year End Enduro!
    Magee heads off to his mountain retreat & Orton scrambles to get his kart ready!
    While Peter Magee retired for the year to his mountain paradise to recuperate and recover from the hardships of the 2012 race season, Steve Orton went about rebuilding his kart & finding a new co-driver in anticipation of challenging for the overall win in the tough season ending Enduro.
    It wasn't until the last minute when it was determined that the kart had not suffered any frame damage from the previous race, and would be ready for the Enduro. The engine was a long shot to make it through the days race, but Orton found a similar sized driver in Phil Haggerty who was willing to attempt the monster feat. While most teams normally run 3 or 4 drivers throughout the race, DHRT was going to ride their 2 drivers hard, each expecting to drive over 100 laps.
    The team had the good fortune of drawing the number 7 starting position for the Lemans start that saw 16 teams searching for victory. Orton got a good start, jumping one of the shifter karts into the first corner. As Orton rounded the grandstand turn, he had to slow for another shifter that was loose through the corner. The momentary lift was all that was required to cause the driver immediately behind to crash hard into his side, sending him in a lurid spin. Unfortunately, there were still 9 other karts behind, and one of them hit Orton hard on his front bumper, leaving tire marks all over his new sticker kit. The front sail panel had broken, and would continually flap across the drivers feet for the remainder of the race. Now at the back of the pack, Orton started hunting down the karts in front of him. After 45 hard laps without further incidents, running consistent 50 second laps, Orton pitted to let Phil Haggerty continue their quest forward up the leader board. Like Orton, Haggerty continued knocking off 50 seconds laps and had the team in 4th place when he pitted after 39 more laps, and handed the kart back to Orton. After oiling the chain, topping up the gas, Orton jumped in only to find out that his battery was done. Fortunately, the team pitted beside DHRT had a spare battery installed into the kart in a flash, and Orton was back on track, having lost 3 minutes to the extra work required in the pits. He proceeded to throw in the occasional 49 second lap while trying to close the gap to the leaders. After 56 laps, he pulled in to the pits to hand the kart back to Haggerty. Phil was only planning on doing 35 to 40 laps, but when opportunity presented itself in the form of the 3rd place team's chain coming off, it was decided to keep him on track as long as possible, hoping he'd grab 3rd place from the chainless crew. The young team that lost there chain, had to haul their kart back to the pits before they could perform any repairs, and this allowed DHRT to move into 3rd. For 49 painful laps Haggerty attempted to stay out in front of the youngsters, but once they caught him, he quickly dove into the pits to swap drivers. The extra laps took a huge toll on Haggerty, as his ribs were causing him excruciating pain.
    During the pit stop, the crew noticed that the radiator was flapping around and the chain was very loose. Not wanted to waste any time sitting in the pits, they zip-tied the rad to it's mount, gassed the kart up, and oiled the chain hoping that that would be enough to get them to the end of the race. Considering DHRT was carrying almost 80 pounds more weight than the youngsters, there was no way they could match their pace, and had to settle for a solid 4th place in the Rotax division. It was later determined that the extended stint had caused Phil to crack a couple of ribs.
  • 2012/09/15&16 - Both drivers crack the magical 50 second barrier!
    But still couldn't get their hands on the silverware!
    The weather for the season final double header race weekend was perfect; sunny & warm, perfect weather to show the rest of the grid how the boys had progressed. In anticipation of the weekends racing, both drivers had a session with Obi Kwong Kenobi to sort out theirs karts and attempt to find the 'force'.
    Saturdays qualifying went well for Peter Magee as he set his personal best lap time of 49.650 and placed him in position 7 of the 11 racers. His first dance into the 49's was brilliant! Steve Orton struggled through qualifying and never got it completely right, setting a lap time of 50.455, almost a second behind Magee, and found himself sitting in 10th place for the Pre-Final.
    The Pre-Final started well without incident. Orton managed to pass Magee into the first turn, but had no answer for the drivers ahead of him. Magee continued to pressure Orton, but couldn't force him into a mistake, and the two drivers crossed the finish line nose to tail, just over 1 second apart with Orton in 8th and Magee occupying 9th place.
    In the FIn the Final, both drivers got away cleanly with Peter Magee lined up on Orton's bumper once again. At the mid-way point of the race, Orton was in 6th place fighting with the 2 drivers directly in front of him. He made a pass after the hairpin, going three wide down the short straight, and grabbed 5th place, but was tapped from behind and spun into the grass, while the remaining drivers flew by. He got back on track, but could never catch the group before the chequered flag was thrown. Peter Magee was classified 8th, while Orton came in 10th. Fortunately, their main competitor in the points race retired early in the race.
    Most importantly, Peter Magee had a race day best lap of 49.650 and Steve Orton had a best lap of 49.531Another fine morning greeted the drivers for Sunday's second round of the double-header, and the competition would be raised another notch as two Senior drivers had decided to try their hands in the Masters competition. Once again Peter Magee managed to out-qualify Orton, and put his kart into P12, with Orton lined up right behind him. Interestingly, a 49 second flat lap would only put a driver into 10th place. The speed had definitely improved, and both DHRT drivers were desperate to up their game. At the start of the Pre-Final, Steve Orton managed to jump Peter Magee once again into the first corner, but repeated attacks on the driver in front never translated into a position gained. Orton crossed the line 12th, with Magee just one second behind in 13th out of the 15 drivers.
    In the Final, both drivers lost a position to one of the drivers starting behind them, and had to fight to gain the position back. Steve Orton was in a fierce fight with 2 other drivers for 10th, and on the penultimate lap was involved in a collision as the 3 karts that had been travelling nose to tail for many laps, all came together in the S-turns prior to the finish line. Orton was almost thrown out of his kart, but managed to hang on the steering wheel and keep himself from being thrown onto the track. Meanwhile, Magee led the group that was directly behind the chaos, managing to avoid the karts that were scattered across the track. Orton managed to get his kart going, and completed the lap with both wheels pointing in different directions, a bent tie-rod & spindle, a massively deformed steering column, and a steering wheel that was twisted to the side. When all was said and done, Peter Magee finished in 11th place, and Steve Orton was classified as 13th.
    Whether Orton had earned enough points to hold onto 3rd place and Magee 4th place in the club drivers standings was unknown at this time, as every point counted and could make or break their season.
  • 2012/09/1&2 - Big money lures DHRT to Edmonton for the Fall Classic!
    But the team comes home empty-handed!
    With a double header scheduled in Edmonton, both drivers embarked on a road trip to further enhance their driving skills, and take a shot at bringing home some real dough! The team transport arrived in Edmonton late on Friday afternoon, but gave both drivers enough time to take a few laps around the Warburg circuit in advance of the weekend's races.
    The Warburg track had recently had parts of it repaved, but it is still one bumpy little mother!
    The track was brutalizing Peter Magee's body and Steve Orton's kart, snapping one of the welded tabs off and cracking his exhaust pipe. The Final was to be a night race under the infield's temporary bright lights. Unfortunately, no one had informed the weather gods, as they produced heavy rain to put a chill in the race. Visibility was atrocious, forcing the drivers to stare into the bright lights and glare of the rain, or the black hole that remained as their eyes tried to refocus. Peter Magee was the brightest thing on the track and decided to retire after 2 laps when he realized that it wasn't worth killing himself. The remaining drivers pressed on, unable to see much of anything. Fortunately, no one crashed or was injured, and Orton was classified 6th, while Magee was 10th.
    Sunday's big money race was delayed a couple of hours as the organizers were hoping for the weather to pass and race under blue skies. The rain moved on, but the clouds and cold weather stuck around. Peter Magee wisely chose not to further injure his sore ribs, and just turned the wrenches on Orton's kart. Twelve drivers were registered to compete in the Final, and Orton found himself sitting in 6th place when it was time to start the race. The race went off smoothly, but Orton's race ended on lap 5, as his chain snapped, unable to handle the stress and strain of racing on this bumpy track. He was subsequently classified in 12th place.
  • 2012/08/26 - Both DHRT drivers are back in action!
    And Orton grabs 4th in the Final
    Expectations were high for this race, as Peter Magee had just competed in his best race ever, and Stephen Orton had returned from an extensive training program in Arizona. Neither driver set the world on fire in qualifying, as they found themselves in 10th & 7th place respectively, among the large field of 16 Rotax Masters drivers.
    In the Pre-Final, both drivers maintained their positions for the first few laps but a mistake at the end of the short back-straight cost Orton a couple of positions. He fought back and managed to finish in 8th position, which hurt his fight for the club championship. Peter Magee meanwhile, had to fight slower drivers and drove the wheels off of his kart, but could do no better than 10th place.
    In the Final, Magee got hung up on the inside lane during the start, while Orton managed to grab a couple of positions from the outside lane, and was involved in a great scrap with 4 other drivers, fighting for a top 5 spot. Magee struggled a bit at the start, and even managed to punt one of the other drivers out of the race when they tried to make an impossible pass on the outside of the switchbacks. As his tires grip improved, he pressed on, attempting to move forward in the standings.
    Orton made a great pass on 2 drivers when one of the lead group spun in the hairpin, allowing Orton to jump into 4th place. Although pressured from behind, he managed to maintain his composure, and bring his kart home 4th in his best race of the year. Peter Magee continued to fight his way forward, and managed to grab 7th place, to extend his perfect run of finishes.
  • 2012/08/12 - Magee returns!
    While Orton heads to Scottsdale, Arizona
    After a tremendous WCC weekend, Stephen Orton high-tailed it off to the heat of the Arizona desert, while Peter Magee returned from his palatial beach resort to fight it out in round 8 of the CKRC Club Championships.
    It was the first beautiful sunny club race that the team had seen in a long time, and Magee immediately improvement the lap record by 3/10 of a second in qualifying, where he positioned in kart in P6, ahead of 5 other stellar drivers. Mr. Consistency continued to lap at a 50.6 second pace through the Pre-Final, and found himself positioned in 5th place for the Final.
    The Final was no different as he continued to maintain this tremendous pace throughout the race, and brought the kart home 5th. He made no mistakes, and like a Timex watch, was the model of consistency.
  • 2012/08/4&5 - Orton on podium for both of the final rounds of the WCC
    And finishes #2 overall in the WCC Masters Class for 2012!
    While Peter Magee was resting comfortably in his lavish beach house after a successful Indycar weekend in Edmonton, Stephen Orton was gearing up for his run at the 2012 Western Canadian Karting Championship. Heading into the weekend, Orton was sitting in 5th place, and podium finishes were required in both rounds if he had any chance of standing on the podium at the end of the weekend.
    On SaturOn Saturday morning, he put in some smoking laps in practice to finally break the magical 50 second lap time. The track was extremely rubbered in, and the weather was everything a driver could ask for; hot & sunny!
    Just before qualifying was scheduled to occur, Orton along with a small group of other racers had to remove their new front slicks and return them to the organizers, as their batch had been handed out in error. After scrambling to get the tires installed, Orton went out to qualify, but noticed that the kart was lacking in rear-end grip. However, he still managed to qualify with a 49.89 lap time, by far his best ever qualifying time, which put him 3rd on the grid.
    The Pre-Final went smoothly with Orton holding his position, but unable to challenge the top 2 drivers.
    The Final went much the same, however his ability at avoiding collisions with some of the Seniors that were flying off the course, kept him in the mix, but 3rd place was all that could be attained. Again, he was complaining of a lack of rear end grip, even though he'd narrowed the front end of the kart, and lowered the rear tire pressure.

    Round 6 on the Sunday morning started out much the same. A very grippy track in the early hours got slippery as the day wore on.
    Qualifying went well with Orton throwing in another sub-50 second lap that gained him 3rd place on the grid for the Pre-Final. Prior to the Pre-Final, Orton had acquired a new steering column adapter that brought the steering wheel closer to him and was much better angled. Orton immediately liked the new feel, and threw in a lap of 49.48 seconds, shattering his best on the weekend by almost half a second. However, it still wasn't enough to allow him to catch the 2 front-runners in the Masters division, and he started 3rd on the grid again. The Final started well as Orton dove for an opening on the first corner, and captured P2 and set off to track down the leader. He held on to the leader for the first 10 laps, but then his kart started getting really loose. Instead of fighting for outright speed, he pushed the kart as hard as he could, but he wasn't able to break into the 49's during the race. However, he did manage to bring the DHRT kart home in 2nd place in the race, thus clinching 2nd place overall in the 2012 WCC Championships.
    The race awards were handed out on the podium, with Orton claiming his first ever 2nd place finish.
    The Championship trophies were later handed out, where Orton got to uncork his championship bottle of champagne and spray his fellow competitors, and bask in the light of his hard-earned 2nd place Championship position.
  • 2012/07/15 - When the sun doesn't shine, the DHRTy boys do!!
    Both drivers finish in the Top 5 again!
    What seems to be turning into the standard race day weather, both drivers arrived at the track under cloudy and overcast skies. The smell of potential rain wafted through the paddock as Peter Magee shined his kart while Steve Orton was scrambling to put his kart back together.
    Both drivers put in impressive laps during qualifying, but were held up by yellow flags on their penultimate lap and were unable to break the magical 50 second barrier. Oh for a couple tenths of a second!
    In a field of 13 drivers, Orton qualified 9th, while Magee sat smiling in 12th position.
    As both drivers sat on the grid anxiously awaiting the start of the Pre-Final, the rain started to fall, in light sprinkles. While the drivers at the front of the grid scrambled to get their wet tires on, Magee & Orton gambled that the rain would stop shortly, and their slicks might still be the quickest route to go. The rain did stop for 2 minutes, and then the skies erupted, soaking everything. Both drivers raced back to the pits with the understanding that there would be a lengthy rain delay. With the front rain tires mounted, the PA system crackled that the Masters grid would close in 1 minute. If you weren't on the grid, you would not be racing! So an Executive decision was quickly made, and both drivers scampered to the grid with rain tires on the front, and slicks on the rear. Better to be on track, than watching from the pits! Only 6 drivers made it in time to take the flag, but conditions were so bad that the race was red flagged as everyone was taking unintended side-trips through the grass, and the drivers returned to their pits. Both DHRT drivers mounted their rains on the rear, and Orton managed to widen his front end, just in time to make it back to the grid when their class was recalled once again. Of the 13 drivers that qualified, only 10 actually made it to the grid this time, with both DHRT boys starting near the back.
    Both drivers got away well at the start and gained a couple of positions through the first few corners. As they worked their way forward, drivers were spinning off the track in front of them, feeling the pressure that was coming from behind. The conditions were atrocious as the rain was coming down in buckets. Attempting to find a line down the back stretch, both drivers were plowing their ways through puddles 8" deep. Attempting to find shallower ponds, both drivers nearly lost their karts numerous times, and the hydroplaning made the handling totally abysmal.
    After what seemed like forever, the checkered flag finally was waved with Orton driving to 4th place, while Magee lost control of his kart on the penultimate lap, and went screaming through the rhubarb, before embedding himself in the tire wall. Fortunately he got our of the weeds, got back on track and finished the race in 5th place.
    The rain continued to fall in such a ferocious manner, that the race weekend was shut down before any of the Finals could be run.
    At the mid-way point in the season, Steve Orton sits in 3rd place in the club standings, and Peter Magee sits almost immediately behind him in 5th place. The team principals are immensely impressed with the maturity their sophomore drivers have shown this year, as they fight it out for the club championship!
  • 2012/06/24 - The DHRTy boys both finish in the top 5!!
    And Steve Orton puts his kart on the front row on the Pre-Final!
    The forecast for Sunday's race was for showers off and on, with thunderstorms rolling in around 4:00pm. After a deluge of rain on Saturday night, the track had many streams of water running across it for the morning practice. Both drivers went out on slicks and it took all their talent to stay on track, as the track remained slippery. After a couple of spins, both drivers were happy to get their karts off the track without any damage. It started raining just before qualifying, forcing both drivers to put on their wet tires. Both drivers took to the wet like ducks on a pond, and showed what they were capable of if it continued to rain. Steve Orton put his kart on the front row in 2nd place, while Peter Magee was right behind him in 4th place, with 10 drivers competing in the race. Although the clouds didn't clear until the Pre-Final, the track was slowly drying and the drivers had to make a decision. Peter Magee chose the change to slicks along with the rest of the Masters field, while Steve Orton gambled that there would be enough moisture on the track, and that the skies would open, allowing him to take advantage of his wet tires. By the time the race finally started, the track was dry except near the hairpin, and the skies were clearing. Orton held his position for the first couple of laps, until it became apparent that he couldn't keep up and was destroying his only set of rain tires. He pulled into the pits after 5 laps, running 3 seconds a lap slower than the drivers on slicks. Peter Magee's Pre-Final didn't go much better, as he'd forgotten to put his gas cap back on after topping up his gas tank. The burning fluids spilled all over his seat, covering his clear plastic rain suit, while the cap rattled around his feet. He returned to the pits to screw himself back together, and went back out and proceeded to finish 5th. The Final started under sunshine & heat, as Magee lined up in P5 and Orton took his spot in P8, ahead of the 2 rookie drivers that had to start at the back of the pack. Entering the first corner sweeper, Magee got a little loose, and the driver immediately behind clobbered him, starting a chain reaction that caused 6 karts to go flying in all directions. Steve Orton managed to stay on track, pointing backwards, and got his kart restarted and attempted to chase down the karts that made it through the corner safely. Peter Magee's kart was sitting in the weeds, but pointing in the correct directions. He fired it up and amazingly managed to drive right back onto the track and follow Orton around. The two stayed together for the next 6 laps before Magee threw his kart to the inside of the hairpin as Orton was sliding, and stuck a beautiful pass on him. The two drivers continued to battle one another for the remaining laps. Orton was quicker into the hairpin and the grandstand turn, but Magee was quicker through the chicane and the long sweeping first corner, so Orton was never presented with an opportunity to challenge, as Magee's consistency eliminated any potential threat. Peter Magee crossed the finish line in 4th place, while Steve Orton finished 5th, well ahead of their nearest competitor.
  • 2012/06/10 - The sun won't come out, but Magee shines on a cloudy, wet day!
    While Orton puts a different spin on things!
    Sunday's race was the tale of two different drivers as Peter Magee coped fine with a drying track that had two distinct rivers running through it. Steve Orton meanwhile, couldn't seem to put a lap in without spinning his kart. Magee was challenging for a podium, while Orton was just 'challenged', however he did manage to qualify only 15/100's of a second slower, with Peter Magee claiming 5th place on the grid and Steve Orton claiming 6th!
    In the pre-final Magee ran a strong race finishing 5th, while Orton slid & spun his way back to 7th.
    In the Final, Magee drove another strong race, didn't make a mistake and claimed 5th, all the while impressing the crowds with his stunning display of kart control, indicating that he could soon dominate a wet race.
    While fighting at the back of the pack in the Final. Orton's second corner saw him flying through the air after his kart made contact with a fellow competitor that had spun in front of him, and magnificently launched his kart into the blue barrels that line the track. With no damage to the kart or the driver's psyche, Orton regained the track 1 lap down and drove hard and mistake free to claim 7th, all the while putting in some impressive lap times.
    On a very tricky race day, both drivers found a little something extra and continued to show improvement. Some more than others...
  • 2012/06/09 - Both drivers again set new personal best lap times!
    The DHRT drivers continue to improve & push the leaders!
    Both drivers broke into the magical 50 second lap time, showing the world that they'd definitely arrived. Steve Orton was the first to crack the 50 second barrier in the Pre-Final with a scorching 50.971 second lap time that looked unbeatable, as Orton led Magee across the finish line. The Pre-Final was the first time in over a year that the two drivers battled head to head, with Magee jumping in front of Orton with a daring move up the inside on the exit of the first corner. Orton followed him around, set him up on the long front stretch, and beat him into the first corner to regain his position, although Magee was not letting him get away, as the front bumper of his kart was glued to Orton's rear for the remainder of the race. The Final shaped up similarly with Orton maintaining his starting position, and Magee stuck on his bumper. The positions never changed, but Magee threw in a blistering lap towards the end of the race, erasing Orton's recent lap record, and put his name into the record books with a stunning 50.914 second lap that had onlookers wondering what kind of aggression pill the driver had swallowed to pull off a lap of that magnitude..
  • 2012/05/27 - Both drivers set new personal best lap times!
    Team DHRT welcomes Peter Magee back to his new seat!
    Both drivers settled in nicely and continued to push each other. Peter Magee's new seat proved to be the ticket as he quickly came to terms with the track in practice and established a new personal best. Steve Orton's day started off a little more slowly and would continue to be troublesome. He had to put his kart back together after the previous weekend's wet outing in Chilliwack at the WCC's. On the second lap of practice his kart lost the front motor mount which tumbled under the kart and sent him spinning into the rhubarb. He was able to find it in the grass, and remounted it in time for qualifying.
    During qualifying Orton managed to pip Magee by less than 1/10th of a second, lining up 8th while Magee was 9th.
    During the Pre-Final Orton stayed ahead of Magee but was slower as his fuel pump was causing him grief at the hairpin. The two drivers drove nose to tail for the duration of the race.
    Orton had his fuel pump rebuilt in time for the Final, but his troubles would continue. The Final started well as they both stayed out of trouble, but Orton's race ended quickly in lap 3 as his messed up motor mount caused the chain to fly off. Magee was locked in a fierce battle for the remainder of the race with another competitor, and tried a couple of courageous passing attempts, but was rebuffed. Magee brought his kart home in 9th place, while Orton's kart was brought home on the tractor. Later examination indicated that the motor mount threads were completely stripped, and had to be shipped back to the Overdrive factory for further analysis.
  • 2012/05/12 - Orton grabs 4th place in his season-opener!
    Team's season-opener shows lots of promise!
    DHRT's season got underway in a positive fashion as Stephen Orton qualified in 3rd place, but struggled at the start of the pre-final, before coming on strong. He was lapping almost a second quicker than the 3rd & 4th place drivers, and made short work of catching them, until he got caught out making an over-aggressive pass for 3rd place at the hairpin. As a result of his aggression, he spun his kart and was relegated to 5th.
    In the Final, he once again had trouble getting his kart to accelerate at the start, and settled into 5th place. As the race wore on, he caught and passed the 4th place driver, but just didn't have enough laps remaining to press for 3rd. The team was happy with the result, although Orton was frustrated at not being able to challenge for 3rd, even though he was posting faster lap times at the end of the race.

    Next week the team travels to Chilliwack, BC for the first two rounds of the Western Canadian Karting Championships. Peter Magee will not be attending, as he's in the middle of moving from his mansion to his newly acquired palace, high in the Rocky Mountains.
  • 2012/04/01 - New DHRT Transporter arrives in Calgary!
    Team is excited about their new home away from home!
    Team principals rewarded their drivers for a great 2011 with the purchase of the new DHRT transporter. One of the biggest issues both drivers faced in 2011 was having proper trackside accommodations.
    The team has now addressed this area, which will help both drivers significantly as they chase their dreams in 2012. The team has also come to terms with the CKRC about their pit location, ensuring that the drivers are close to all the action, including the toilets for Peter Magee.
  • 2012/01/05 - Both drivers commit to DHRT for 2012!
    After lengthy contract negotiations, both drivers stay put for 2012!
    Team principals worked hard throughout the last 2 months of 2011 to get both drivers under contract.
    Although it had been rumored that both drivers might depart for more money and a bigger trailer, Stephen Orton & Peter Magee confirmed that they would once again drive for DHRT in 2012.
    A huge sigh of relief was heard throughout the paddock knowing these 2 aging emerging stars would be representing DHRT once again.


  • 2011/11/13 - Magee finishes 4th in Masters Championship!
    Peter Magee's continued consistency earns him 4th place in Masters Club Championship!
    Even though he missed 4 consecutive races due to a horrific rib injury, Peter Magee's consistency throughout the year earned him 4th place in this years CKRC Masters Club Championship.
    Highlighted by his incredible 3rd place finish in the 7th race of the season, the rookie showed many more experienced racers how to get it done. 2012 should prove to be an even better year, if he can keep his aging body on the grid!
    Rumor has it that his private blond masseuse may attend more races in 2012 causing huge distractions to other less focused drivers.
  • 2011/11/12 - Orton wins Rookie of the Year award!
    The CKRC banquet held a surprise for the DHRT team, as Stephen Orton was named Senior Rookie of the Year!
    At the CKRC banquet held on November 12, 2011, while Steve Orton was vacationing in Cancun after a his first year of karting, it was announced that he'd won the Karting Club's Senior Rookie of the Year award. While he couldn't be at the awards banquet, he nonetheless unknowingly celebrated with his family on the Mexican beaches.
  • 2011/10/2 - Team DHRT drivers lead Team Phil's Rookie Team to an astonishing finish!
    Teamed up with an all rookie team, a 10 year old Mini-Max kart, and a $500 Rotax engine of unknown history, the DHRT boys led the team to an astounding result.
    Peter Magee was the first driver out for Team Phil, and settled in smoothly, breaking in the brand new tires, and moving up the ranks. Since the team was made up of 3 raw rookie drivers, the game plan was to pit every 15 laps so that the rookies wouldn't die before the end of the 3 hour race. Most other teams were running a strategy of 30-50 laps before pitting. We knew this would put us at a disadvantage, but we had to save the rookies for later on. Our team was the first to pit, which dropped the team back, as each pit stop usually costs a lap.
    Steve Orton was the next driver out, immediately hooking up with the kart, and quickly passing the variety of 4 stroke karts on the track, and then pitted on lap 30, having moved the team to the leader board in P8. However he continued to drive just as fast through the pit lane and incurred a 60 second penalty for speeding in the pits. This dropped the team off of the leaders board.
    The first of the 3 rookies then headed out, and crossed the blend line after leaving the pits. The driver was flagged and given a stop & go penalty, requiring him to come into the pits and stop, until the marshals told him to go. This caused the team to fall further down the pack. The rookies drove well, but never got us back into the top 10.
    When Peter Magee finally got back in the kart, he went out for a 20 lap stint, and motored the kart back onto the leader's board, and had the team locked solidly into 9th position.
    Steve Orton's 2nd stint went just as well as his first, and was passing karts anywhere on the track, at his pleasure. Orton completed 20 laps, and then ignored the pit board while he chased down the #1 4-stroke kart which was holding onto 6th place. He passed it half a lap before finally pitting and handed the kart back to the rookies.
    The rookies then took over and continued to improve, while some of the other karts retired with race-ending maladies. The rookies did a fantastic job keeping the kart in the top 10.
    Orton was tapped to take the final stint, and continued to find the little kart to his liking, keeping good pace with the karts ahead of him, and avoiding another near colossal collision with his nemesis Dave Henning in a shifter-kart.
    When theWhen the chequered flag finally waved, the team had come in 5th over-all, and 2nd in the Rotax class.

    The expectations coming into this weekend were minimal, the outcome however, was exceptional!
  • 2011/09/25 - The DHRT boys cap off their first season in Karting!
    No podiums or lap records, but both drivers finish the season on a happy note!
    Both drivers entered the final club race of the season hoping to improve on their already impressive rookie season. This was the second race in a row that there was a separate Masters class, and both drivers thoroughly enjoyed racing against their own class. The Masters class had 10 competitors, so the drivers knew it was going to be a competitive day. Peter Magee led the way during the first heat, and Steve Orton led the pair in the second heat, setting Orton up for P5 in the final and Magee P7.
    The 20 lap Final started with a howling wind coming down the front straight with Orton running in 7th place & Magee in 8th for the first 12 laps. They maintained their positions until Orton got a little too aggressive at the turn-in to a corner, and put a wheel off track & spun. Magee took advantage of Orton's mistake and moved into P7 and had a hard-fought battle with President Phil, passing one another numerous times, until Magee finally started opened up a gap, and proceeded to finish in 7th. Once Orton regained the track, he had a lonely race and brought his kart home in 8th place.
    Although neither driver reached the podium or set a new lap record, they were both ecstatic with the way the race proceeded. Their first 20 lap race was tiring, but nothing could wipe the grins off their faces after a phenomenal rookie season in karting.

    Both drivers have since been asked to join Team Phil in the upcoming Enduro where they will once again get to demonstrate their incredible karting skills and assist this team of rookie drivers to achieve greatness.
  • 2011/09/10 & 2011/0911 - A little pain gives way to a great weekend!
    Magee sets track records going both ways as drivers continue to push each other!
    Sept 10, 2011 - Counter-clockwise.
    Peter Magee set a blistering lap time in qualifying to grab the team's lap record in the counter-clockwise direction, with Steve Orton right on his tail.
    In the Pre-Final, Orton got the jump on Magee at the first corner, and both drivers had an exciting race with newcomer Thomas Matthews, as they continued to pass & re-pass each other. In the end Orton led Magee across the finish line in the best racing the team has seen so far this year.
    In the Final, Orton was sitting in the middle of the pack, when he was on the receiving end of a crash at the south end of the track. Once he recovered, he was behind Magee, attempting to chase him down. Two laps later, Orton was pushed off the track at the switchbacks near the start/finish line, and took an excursion across the grass before getting back on track. After finally getting his engine restarted, he continued on, a lap down, and well behind Magee. With only two laps remaining in the race, Magee gave the leaders lots of space heading into the hairpin, only to be punted onto the grass by the second place driver. Once he got back on track, he was suffering a vibration which caused him to head back to the pits to retire. It was later discovered that the vibration was probably in his head...

    Sept 11, 2011 - Clockwise.
    The Masters were running their own group today.
    Peter Magee set the pace throughout the day, even though his ribs were continually causing him pain. Steve Orton struggled early on as he tried to come to terms with the clockwise direction, which he hadn't raced since early March. His times improved as the day went on, but still couldn't match Magee's pace.
    In the Pre-Final, Orton got the jumped on Magee and led him for the first two laps, before getting too aggressive at the end of the short straight, and put his kart into the grass at the south end of the track. By the time he recovered, he was a lap down on the group and finished 7th while Magee had a solid 5th place finish.
    In the Final, Magee led Orton into the first corner and opened a small gap that was maintained for the whole race. Both drivers drove a smooth & consistent race, but were not able to challenge the other Masters drivers.

  • 2011/08/21 - Team DHRT or is it Team DNF?!?!
    PromisinPromising weekend ends with both drivers on the sidelines watching the race!
    With both drivers back healthy for the first time in months, great things were expected in Race 8 at the Varsity Chrysler Speedpark.
    However, things didn't quite go as planned! Both Steve Orton & Peter Magee looked good and appeared comfortable in the heats. In the Final, Orton occupied P16 on the grid, while Magee was back in P22. The first few laps were uneventful as both drivers settled in and held their positions. On lap 3, as Magee rounded the grandstand turn, his chain disintegrated as he got back on throttle, sending his kart into the grass, terminating his race. n was leading a group of 5 karts in 17th place (3rd in the Masters division), while posting his personal best lap times, until he was pushed onto the grass by another kart on lap 8. His kart then veered back on the track, where it was hit hard by another kart, snapping his front wheel off, and sending him headfirst into the barriers and ending his day. Both DHRT drivers watched the remainder of the race from their locations at the opposite ends of the track, while the on-track carnage continued. By the end of the race, 10 of the 26 karts were parked on the grass waiting for recovery.
    There were many positives to be taken away from the track on this day, plus the obvious disappointments.
  • 2011/08/07 - Magee shines and earns spot on the podium!
    Long layoff doesn't affect Magee as his return to karting is a huge success!
    Having missed the previous 2 months of racing, nursing badly damaged ribs, Peter Magee returned to action hoping to stay out of trouble and not further damage his ribs. Instead, he drove the race of his life, putting in personal-best laps and shocking the karting world with a brilliant 3rd place finish. His smooth & fluid driving style allowed him push hard throughout the race, without risking further injury.
    That is now two race weekends in a row where DHRT drivers have found themselves with the elite drivers on the podium. After a slow start to the season, the DHRT team is ready to challenge for the top step.
    The team principal's are excited that their rookie driver selections are now finally paying off.
    Steve Orton's ribs are healing nicely, and it is expected both drivers will be fighting it out for the podium in 2 weeks time.
  • 2011/07/24 - Orton experiences great success in the Western Canadian Karting Championships!
    Exceeds expectations with a 3rd place finish!
    Hoping to crack the top 10 in Western Canada, Steve Orton stunned onlookers with a brilliant race passing 2 karts in the hairpin with 3 laps remaining to grab 3rd place and put himself on the podium for the first time ever. Unfortunately, he badly bruised his ribs during the race, but this did not stop him from competing in the final round on Sunday. However, the discomfort affected his driving and the best he could do was a solid 6th place finish.
    He is now questionable for the next club race on August 7, 2011, so it may be awhile before both DHRT drivers are back on the track at the same time.
  • 2011/07/21 - Orton tapped to race in the Western Canadian Karting Championships!
    And favoAnd favoured to finish in the top 10!
    With teammate Peter Magee looking for an Indycar ride in Edmonton this weekend, Steve Orton will represent DHRT at the prestigious Western Canadian Championships in the Rotax Masters class this weekend in Calgary.
  • 2011/07/12 - Orton sets new team lap record!
    And finishes 6th in the Rotax Max Masters Final
    With teammate Peter Magee still on the sidelines nursing wrecked ribs, Stephen Orton continued to show improvement, and made the team's first passes of the season. Along the way, he also set a team lap record, lapping Varsity Speed Park's counter-clockwise course in 51.39 seconds. Even though his tires were totally shot by the end of the race, he was consistently delivering laps in the 51 second range.
    Late in the race, Orton was hit hard while being lapped, and suffered a bent steering column & tie-rod end, but still managed to bring the kart home safely, with badly distorted steering massively affecting his grip.
    The team looks forward to its next race in August with both drivers scheduled to be back healthy, allowing them to fight it out for even greater results.
  • 2011/05/31 - DHRT sends their drivers back to School!
    Allen Berg fine tunes their driving skills
    After being suitably unimpressed with their last outing on the track, the team principals figured both drivers could take advantage of a day with ex-F1 driver Allen Berg, in an attempt to find the speed that lurks within their aging bodies.
    It was a perfect day, and both drivers immediately showed improvement, taking advantage of Allen's wealth of racing knowledge & experience.
    By the end of the day, both drivers had improved their lap times by almost 3 seconds, and appear ready to start contending for the podium. Time will see...
  • 2011/05/01 - CKRC Round Two - Clockwise
    DHRT has a tough second outing!
    Both DHRT drivers had an tough second outing at the Varsity Speed Park on May 15, 2011, finishing at the back of the pack in the Rotax Masters class.
    Neither driver looked comfortable in their second race, causing the team principle to question his decision to bring on two highly touted but inexperienced rookies.
    Peter Magee kept his kart on track and had a clean but unspectacular race finishing 6th.
    Steve Orton was slightly quicker, but couldn't keep his kart from spinning repeatedly in the hairpin, leading to a DNF (Did Not Finish) in the final. His race was done after losing control in the south end sweeper, and parking it on the grass.
    Both drivers managed to lower their lap times from the previous race slightly, but were over 2 seconds slower per lap than the other rookies who they were expected to race with. The team is investigating why both drivers were so far off the pace.
    Round 3 on May 29, 2011 will see Peter Magee fighting to move up the rookie ranks.
    Steve Orton has been forced to sit by the team principal for the next 3 races, until he can put in consistent laps without spinning.
  • 2011/05/01 - CKRC Round One - Counter clockwise
    DHRT experiences successful day at the track!
    The fine young men of DHRT had an excellent first outing at the Varsity Speed Park on May 1, 2011, competing in Round 1 of the Rotax Max series in the CKRC Club Championship.
    Both drivers settled in well, and looked comfortable in their first race.
    Peter Magee led the way finishing 6th in the Rotax Masters (old man) class.
    Steve Orton struggled for grip in the corners, but still finished 17th in the Rotax Seniors (young punks) class.
    Both driBoth drivers managed to consistently lower their lap times each time they were on the track, which bodes well for the future.
    Round 2 on May 15, 2011 expects to see them racing even more competitively, as the next round of factory upgrades should see DHRT challenging the other backmarkers.

Recent Top Stories

  • 2011/04/25 - Peter Magee Signs with DHRT
    DHRT locks up title contender!
    After months of negotiations, rising star Peter Magee has signed a lucrative contract with DHRT. While it was expected that he would be gobbled up by one of the large, financially wealthy teams, his decision to join this small team speaks volumes for the team's potential and the management structure.

  • 2011/03/10 - Test Driver signed to DHRT
    Dreamer buys kart raffle tickets hoping to drive.
    Luc Caissie purchased 8 raffle tickets hoping to win the grand prize of a 2010 PCR kart, with the intention of driving for DHRT this year. He has officially been given Test Driver status. His ability to destroy equipment could come in handy this year, clearing the way for the official team drivers.

  • 2011/02/01 - Race Engineer inked to deal
    Crazy Egyptian mechanic expects great results.
    Renowned mechanic & tuner, George Rizk has signed on to ensure the team is always battling to get on the track. His wealth of knowledge dealing with camel jockies will elevate this team to the top ranks of racing in 2011.

  • 2011/02/29 - Dumbass Hillbillies Race Application Accepted
    CKRC happy to have DHRT racing in /> Having excelled in all other forms of motorsports, DHRT's decision to race in the Rotax Max series has caused great excitement throughout the Calgary Kart Racing community.
    Team Principal Steve Orton had been working on entering the top echelon of kart racing since December, 2010 and celebrated the team's acceptance by running off to Cuba chasing rum & cigars.