Dumbass Hillbilly Racing Team

Photo Gallery


20140913-Cardel Exotic Show & Shine - Orton & Magee just waiting to get on track!


The start of the Final 2013 Race! Magee in P6 with Orton behind in P8!

Racing into the hairpin, led by Ashley Hughes pretending to be Nigel Mansell, with Peter Magee & Stephen Orton close behind!

Dumbass test driver Ashley Hughes showing focus!

Peter Sammon shown winning the Dumbass of the Day Award!

The team after another great day spent at the track!

Ten hours at the track make for a lot of smiles!

The boys in their working clothes!

The McSweeney's Girls...promoting the best Beef Jerky in the world!

Peter Sammon leading Stephen Orton in qualifying

Stephen Orton

Peter Magee with Orton & Sammon way behind!

Magee-Mr. Consistency!

Orton & Sammon chasing Chris George

Chris George leading Peter Sammon with Orton at the rear


DHRT 2013 Driver Lineup seen for the first time at the CKRC Year End Banquet!

With new McSweeneys sponsorship, just prior to the season ending Enduro!

Nice little haul! Two 2nd place trophies & a bottle of Champagne at the 2012 Western Canadian Karting Championships!

Orton finishes 2nd in Round 6 of the 2012 WCC!

Orton qualifying for Round 6 of the 2012 WCC!


Both drivers reached the podium in 2011. Steve Orton finished 3rd in round 5 of the Western Canadian Championships and Peter Magee finished 3rd in round 7 of the CKRC Club Championships. Awesome work boys!

Introducing the team!

Signing autographs for the fans.

Reservations for 2 at the back of the pack?!?!

Last photo op before the carnage begins....

Are we really going to do this?

What the hell? They already started!

Hey look, there's no one behind us!

And the guys in front have already left the grid!

DHRT has the best fans...

We were so close at the start of the race...

Time to weigh in!

The diet starts tomorrow!

I weigh how much?!?!

What?!?! You're putting me in with the kids?

Okay George, I need another 30hp!!!

Team meeting.

I did this, he did that, and I was on the grass!

Happy to have survived the first race!

Mr. Happy!

The real mechanics get to work!

That's why Peter is quicker; 2 extra ponys!

You mean I didn't win?!?!

At least I've got the best-looking cheerleaders!

All that hard work deserves....cold water!

Yup, that's my Escalade!

An explosive moment!